Japan Trip 2003

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This would be my fourth time to go home since after I came to Wichita in March 1996. I am about one semester away from graduation, and don't know what I will be doing after that. So I just thought it would be nice to go home and relax a bit, away from the school work, and meet with my family members and friends. Upcoming fall semester would be the toughest, so I have to be prepared for it. (So why not having a good vacation before everything goes crazy, huh?)

Before the trip

4/1 Called the travel agency I usually use (IACE Travel, cheap tickets to Japan). The price to Nagoya, Japan was $790
4/7 Second Contact with the travel agency, the price just went down to $674 (Due to the war against Iraq)
4/11 Called the agency for the last time to place order.
4/18 Tickets issued.
5/13 Got sign on I-20. I can come back here. By the time when I come back
5/19 Reconfirming the flight. I have got flight to Nagoya. No need to take bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoya.
5/21 It was such a busy day, I went to Belle Plain to give flowers to a good friend of mine who died 4 years ago. I won't be there for the Memorial day, had meetings twice with my professor, got lunch from the Subway, went to the ARC office to do paperwork, also stopped by the First Gear to buy two pairs of shoes. In the evening, I had a dinner with my friend, Kang, and went to the Mountain High to get a new backpack (My old one has been serving for about four years and it's good time to let it go). I get picked up by Angie since she is helping me to go to the airport on the 22nd. Before going to her house, I asked her to stop by a drug store. My friend INSISTED that I should have hand sanitizer and disposable mask to prepare for SARS scare.

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  1. Part1 (5/22 - 5/26) - Meeting with my friends from junior high school
  2. Part2 (5/27 - 5/29) - Nagasaki trip
  3. Part3 (5/30 - 6/3) - Meeting with friend from high school

After the Trip

(Sorry, too busy right now.)