Historic Pensacola Village

The downtown part of Pensacola has a old looking district from 1800s. The lady who gave me a tour told me that some part of the town is influenced by French people after the Louisiana Purchase. The street at Seville Quarter is very like Maudi Glas (SP?)  place in New Orleans

Last updated on 2003/08/24

Old Escambia County Court House

Seville Tower

Plaza Ferdinand

Quayside Art Gallery

Pensacola Museum of Art

T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum

Pensacola Cultural Center

Seville Quarter

Pensacola Historical Society / Research Center

Pensacola Historical Museum

J. Earle Bowden Building

Jackson Park

                    (Not worth taking picture...)

Museum of Industry

Museum of Commerce

Coulson House (1890) / African American Heritage Society

Lavalle House

Julee Cottage

Tivoli House / Museum Store / Tickets & Information

L & N Marine Terminal

Old Christ Church Parish School House

Lear-Rocheblave House

Weaver's Cottage

Dorothy Walton Cottage

Seale Building

Dorr House

John Pfeiffer House

Old Christ church

Moreno Cottage

McCollough Building / Artel Gallery

McCollough Building / The Heirloom

Hub Stacey's Food and Spirit

Seville Square

Fountain Park

Quina House

Dharma Blue Cafe

Tre Fratelli Ristorante

Barkley House

Lee House

Government Street Neighborhood Grocery and Deli

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