USS Intrepid Museum (last updated on 2009/05/17)

USS Intrepid At the flight deck

Landing Aid

TBM-3E FJ-3 FJ-3 UH-25
A-4B F3H-2N F-8K A-6F
AH-1J UH-1 and AH-1 S-55 HH-52
Etendrd Etendrd MB-339 MB-339
Scimitar F3D-2 Kfir Kfir
F-14 F-14 F-16 F-16
A-12 F-11 F-4N AV-8A
MiG-15 MiG-17 MiG-21  

Concord displayed right next to the aircraft carrier

Concord Cockpit Instrument panel inside the cabin


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