Higashi Hiroshima Day Trip - November 2017

Planning: A good friend of mine from Houston is back in Japan and now lives in Hiroshima. Another friend also want to get together and have a drink. So we planned for September but had to postpone twice and now fixed to November.

11/18 Sightseeing and Dinner at Higashi Hiroshima

To Shin-Osaka

I finished my morning chores and left home around 9:00am, walking out under slight rain just not enough to use umbrella for 1 minute walk to train station. Getting on a local train to Nagoya then I walked out from the station building under rainy weather to find a store selling discounted shinkansen tickets. I was able to buy a ticket between Kyoto and Nagoya, for 4,800Yen so I can save 270Yen on my return trip.

Always gift involved

After buying gifts for my friends, I bought a non-served seat ticket to Higashi Hiroshima. I found Nozmi 301 which goes to Shin-Osaka, meaning there should be some non-reserved seat available so I decided to get on. The train left Nagoya station on time at 9:30am, under rain. It stopped at Kyoto for a moment then kept going. I arrived at Shin-Osaka at 10:20am on time.

To Higashi Hiroshima

After getting off from the train, I had plenty of time to until the next train. I waited under rain, sitting in a seat to have lunch I bought at half price a day before. The train came in about 15 minutes until departute. It was a Kodama but the coloring is different from regular one. I remembered that one train is painted to resemble a machine from Evengelion. People started to take pictures while the train is being cleaned for a service. I waited until 11:25am when the doors are opened and I took a seat, and had just enough time to take picture of it.

Series 500 with Evabgelion Scheme

The Kodama 741 departed on time at 11:29am, and my friend joined from Shin-Kobe. The train stopped at every station since then and usually a Nozomi train passing. The rain finally stopped and the sky is getting cleared while we are chatting. The train finally arrived at Higashi Hiroshima at 13:39.

Sake Breweries

When we got out from the station, our friend was waiting at the rotary. He took us a few miles where has many sake breweries. Out of 7 places, we were able to visit 4 of them.

  1. Fukubijin Brewery
  2. Hakubotan Brewery
  3. Kamoizumi Brewery
  4. Kamotsuru Brewery
  5. Kirei Brewery
  6. Saijotsuru Brewery
  7. Sanyotrusu Brewery

During the walk, I get to try many kinds of sakes. Some places offer samplers, and some breweries sell in-store only brand, too. The tourists are not only us and I see many people look like us walking, drinking and buying. I get to find that the aged one I can taste and smell the barrell. It was a new discovery but the price tag for those kinds were nearly 100,000Yen and up. It was another discovery, though.

Sake sampler.

After the tour, we went to a tomb.

Also stopped by at Omusubi no GABA for late lunch.



After a stop at my friend's apartment, we walked to a restaurant for sake steamed oysters some sakes, and then moved to another restaurant for Japanese pancake in Hiroshima style, finally we walked into a bar and drunk until 11:00pm.

Japanese pancake in Hiroshima style,

Getting out from the bar and we walked to Saijo station, the bus was not there yet and slight rain still going on. It finally arrived about 10 minutes till departing time, and I showed my ticket saved on my phone. I bid farewell to my friends and got on the bus. Buckled up and I am ready to go home.

JR bus at Saijo station

11/19 Coming back to Nagoya

Bus to Kyoto

After leaving Saijo station, the bus stopped at Kotani Service Area (Kotani SA), the bus stopped for 8 minutes so I decided to go check out the place. I did not get a chance to stop at restroom so it was a great opportunity otherwise I had to walk inside the running bus drunk. I was able to buy Hiroshima gift, which I missed to buy at Saijo. The guy next to me kept turning and turning, also the cold air is coming from the window side so they bothered me a lot and did not get to sleep much. At least I need to remember to bring my own blanket next time. The bus arrived at Osaka around 5:00am, nearly 30 people got off. Some are young and some are not. The bus is now nearly empty and kept going then finally arrived to Kyoto station at 6:15am. I got out from the bus and looked around. It was getting brighter and Kyoto tower was there. It was also cold, too. I tried to find how to get to Shinkansen platforms but my eyes were not focusing on the signboards.

The bus arrived at Kyoto

Coming back to Nagoya

I walked into the building, I had to take it to all way to get to the gate for Shinkansen. In my sleepy head, I slowly remembered that the platforms for shinkansen are located that far. Passing the gate, going up to the platform where I see not much people and chilly wind blowing in the quiet morning. Soon Nozomi 100 came into the platform, which left Kyoto at 6:38am. There are plenty of people so I could not get a window seat. The sun was coming up as the train travel to east and arriving at Nagoya at 7:13am.

Arriving at Nagoya, getting off from the train and walked toward an exit. The ticket is to Nagoya so I get to get out once. I get on the train leaving Nagoya at 7:23am, with not many people. There are several stations to Kachigawa, and I saw people coming in and out. The train finally arrived at Kachigawa at 7:41am on time. Before heading back to my apartment, I bought some groceries, and once getting home, I took a shower then called my dad. I went to bed until noon.

Cost: 38,220Yen

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