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Wichita State University is the place where I spend most of life since March 1996. I live on campus, study on campus, and work on campus since I came. Even the school says it is a Metropolitan Advantage some people have never been and have no idea what is Wichita State University is like. Of course for some people it is a place where they spent their academic life they would never forget. In order to explain things around the campus easily, I have provided pictures of the building. These pictures have take over a long period of time, and may or may not current.

Last Updated 2004/04/11

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Campus Map:

Sorry, Not ready.

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                            as of June 16, 2003 Al most done

        Photo taken on October 2004, Done.

                                During a game in old arena


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There are some small animals reside on campus, I have seen squirrels, rabbits and some ducks.

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WSU Police (Wu-Cop):

        People simply don't like cops because they fine you for anything doing wrong, speeding, parking on faculty parking lots, staying residence hall while the fire alarm is set off, underage drinking, stealing someone's stuff, drugs, DUI, breaking university's properties... Well, of course, those people are doing something WRONG! Some say they like Wu-Cops, and some don't. I personally like cops on bicycles, but not on these cars.

Oh, by the way, they are REAL cops, so they can get you arrested. In addition, they will not give you ride even the outside is storming or too cold..

Neon take care of your parking behavior, escorting VIPs, blocking parking lots when those lots are reserved. Most of parking ticket you get are from the officers who drive this one. Be sure to put your VALID parking stickers up, please! (I think many students have better cars than this.)


Blazer will be coming to the building with fire alarms on. (They sometimes don't come, too...) Anyway, I see them running on sidewalks (and lawn sometimes). They used to use Jeep Cherokees.


        You will get this...

or might ended up like this...

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        A aircraft which never been build, due to... well, handling at near landing speed.

        This is a Daihatsu Hi Jet, Physical Plant people use them, they also have another kind which is Cushman.



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Last Updated on 2003/08/11