Washington D.C. and Niagara Falls Trip 1999/08/02-07


8/2 At Chicago

Arriving Chicago, meet with my brother, ate dinner at an Italian restaurant with my brother and dad.

Going to a Chicago Cubs game in the evening.

At Wrigley Stadium

Baseball game (I think the guy in batting is Sami Sosa)

Folks playing music for the Cubs

8/3 Going to Washington D.C.

Leaving Chicago Mid-Way airport

Since the airfare to the D.C. is so expensive, we could only go to Pittsburg instead. We are not even flying out from the O'Hare airport for the same reason.

Arriving to Pittsburg

After arriving to the airport. We picked up a car. Since my dad works for a company here in the U.S. My brother and I are getting a car at company rate. It is nice to have my dad here. They try to give us a Buick Century, which I did not like so I asked for a different option. So they give us a Olds Alero. I thought it was better so we took it.

Pittsburg downtown

Making turn to the interstate

We stopped at (?) for gas, and we decided to have a lunch break.

stop for a lunch break

Due east, heading to Appalachian Mountains

Still driving

My brother get to drive a car with steering in the left hand side.

Arriving to Gettysburg

When I was checking on the map, I saw that we are passing near Gettysburg, so I decided to stop by once.

Old looking houses

at Gettysburg Museum

I don't know this guy on the horse. You see the famous observation tower (later demolished)

Arriving to Washington D.C.

In the evening, we arrived to the D.C. I could not find the hotel since they organize the city in different ways. The place we stayed (Double Tree Hotel?) was located on NE part of the D.C. However, I did not know that they separate the city into a funny way.

8/4 Washington D.C. Sight Seeing

White House

As hotel employees suggested, we left our hotel very early in the morning to get the ticket for the White House tour. There is a long line already.

Cops on the watch for the White House

From north end (do you see a secret service agent walking on the roof?)

I don't know this building... but right next to the White House.

From the south end. You can recall the movie the Independence Day.

Capital Hill, later we've been there.

Washington Monument under restoration. I did not know that I could still go inside.

The backdoor of the White House. This is the only place you can take picture.

In front of the House.


The good thing about the D.C. is that having subway system. My hometown, Nagoya, has four different lines but this is enough for a place like here. There is a paper made pass which I could used for few days. Someone told me that Moscow subway can withstand the Nuclear blast. How about the D.C.?

Ceiling of the platform

At platform.

Bell X-1 the first aircraft reaching Mach1 (I think this is the real one, not replica)

X-29 (1 of 2, other one is in the Air Force Museum)

Sky Lab the one did not a chance to go to space (Due to budget cut...)

Capital Hill, Going back to Hotel

We walked from the Museum and get here. Unfortunately they were done with the tour. I should have checked for the time.

Capital Hill


Calling up

8/5 Going to Niagara Falls

Leaving D.C.

After eating a breakfast,

Drive up north

Driving up to the north

Lunch break

My brother screwed up...

As some of you know that Japanese drives on left side of the road. Rain started when my brother was driving on a highway, so I told my brother to get off from the highway so I can switch for him. Right after we got off from the ramp, he went into left side of the road.

Niagara Falls

Getting closer to the falls

View from American side

at the fall

View from the Canadian side

The bridge going across the countries

Staying at a motel

Since we were at Buffalo, I wish I could get the chicken, but I did not know where to go...

8/6 Going back to Chicago


At a beach

I always wanted to go this... (Since I am a lifeguard!)

Drive back to Pittsburg

We got back too early, we are stuck at the airport for about 2 hours. My brother bought a postcard there.

Back in Chicago

Back in Chicago.

8/7 Last Day



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