Arizona Trip 2001

It was one of my dream to visit Arizona once. I have never been to the place before, but I have been hearing that the climate is quite nice.

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Day1: 03/23/2001

To Dallas: ICT(5:20am) - DFW(6:50am)

From Wichita to DFW, I used Delta Airlines flight, departing Wichita at 0520AM, arrived to DFW at 0650AM. (BMR-120)
BMR-120 A typical twin turbo-prop between Wichita - Fort Worth

To Phoenix: DL1295 DFW(10:15am) - PHX(11:49am)

I have arrived to Phoenix. I was very happy to see a best friend of mine, Brian. We went to ASU and took look some places on campus. The left picture shows their stadium, and right picture is the recreational Facility of ASU, Howard, who was the building director at Heskett Center, works here nowadays...

Sun Devil Stadium Student Recreation Complex
Mission Palms Mission Palms, I thought this one was quite nice Hotel, just in front of ASU!

Other Pictures
Phoenix Downtown Phoenix Downtown Area, I didn't get to see closer, but it is much bigger than Wichita's (Of course!?)
Camel Back Mountain Camel Back Mountain... Sure it is just like a camel

At night, Brian, Sean (Brian's roommate), Scott (Sean's Co-worker) and I went to eat dinner at a Mexican food restaurant. I have some food I cannot remember the name, but that was good.

 At Restaurant From Left, Sean, Scott, Kosuke(me), and Brian

Later, we went to drink and that got drunk sooo bad.

Too drunk and can't move... :)

Day2: 03/24/2001

I got up around 8:00am, thank God I didn't get hang over. I cooked a breakfast for Brian and Sean... In the afternoon, we went to take a hike to a small mountain nearby Brian's house.
Thunderbird Park Thunderbird Park, and this is the mountain we climbed.

On the way to the summit, I took some pictures

A cactus, this is a small one...

... and this one is way too BIG!

Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard....

I could see entire Phoenix area. I used a function in my digital camera, so I was able to develop a 360 degree picture here.
 From the top of the mountain.

In evening, I cooked curry & rice, and egg drop soup for Brian, his girlfriend, and her sister. It was fun!

Evening in Arizona is very cool... There are some hot air balloons.

We also went to watch a movie, the place we went has a 30 theaters!
Before we forget, we took our picture. (Had to try three times to get this picture, the reason? Brian knows!)

Day3: 03/25/2001

To Dallas: DL1080 PHX(8:50am) - DFW(12:17pm)

To Wichita: DL4970 DFW(1:10pm) - ICT(2:48pm)

On the way back to Dallas, a passenger in the plane complained irregular heart beat. We didn't make emergency landings, but at least we got to DFW airport 15 min. early.

The plane from DFW to Wichita had to return to the gate after it started to taxi. They forgot to put some baggage...

Phoenix's highs were around 90F, and when I got to Wichita, the Temperature was at 38F. I wanted to go back to PHX!

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