Summer Trip 2001

From July 28th to August 1st, I went to trip, mainly to buy some Japanese food seasonings in Chicago. Not like last year, I wanted to go to many other places since I will be graduating this Fall semester. (Well, there won't be any guarantees that I can have break if I started to work...)

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Day1 7/28 to St. Louis
Day2 7/29 St. Louis Trip
Day3 7/30 to Air Force Museum
Day4 7/31 to Chicago
Day5 8/1 back to Wichita

Day1: 07/28/2001 To Saint Louis

I rent a car from the Dollar Rent A Car company at Wichita Airport. That's the only place where people who are under 25 can rent out a car without any restriction on mileage/day. I left Wichita around 7:30am. I got on Kansas Turn Pike at Kellogg, and drove to Emporia, then changed the highway to I-435.

I reached to Kansas City around 10:30am. I tried to be on the I-80 as soon as I can, guess what happen next. No, I didn't miss the road, but there were an accident and some chemical spill had to be taken care of.

 Anyway, I finally got to St. Louis and I went to Boeing museum near by the St. Louis Airport. Inside of the Boeing building, there is a room called Prologue Room, which open for about 4 months each year. I got a bunch of posters and booklets from the museum since they are all FREE!


After visiting the museum, I went to Econo Lodge I stay for two night. The location of the motel was not adequate. I had to turn around at certain place since the road was divided. There is a place where I liked to make a turn. There is a place west side of airport where I can watch the entire airport.

Day2: 07/29/2001

Next morning, I woke up around 6:00am, hoping to catch the first tram to the top of Gateway Arch.

View from the bottom of the arch
From west side near by the road

There is a park in the west side of the arch. I took a picture of my standing. (Too small to see?)

A view from the near by parking lot. I am not advertising the car, by the way...

Wants to see the views from the arch?
The good thing about St Louis? A transportation system. You will buy a ticket on the platform on the station. Some places, you can ride for free for certain hours during weekday.

I also went to a historical museum showing stuffs of Miles Davis, a famous jazziest.

I also had a chance to visit Scott Joplin's house where he stayed for a while.

Day3: 07/30/2001

I woke up about 7:00am, I drove to the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. I thought that was pretty cool, but the place was so dark, and too crowded by all those airplanes. I didn't take much pictures there. I stayed in Days Inn. that day.

 Click here to see the pictures of airplanes

Day 4: 07/31/2001

I left the Air Force Museum after spending morning there. In The afternoon I drove to Chicago, went to buy Japanese Food. Red Roof Inn ate Sushi as my dinner. My, I haven't eaten that kind of food for a long time!

Day 5: 08/01/2001

I woke up early to get breakfast at the motel. However, the Red Roof Inn I stayed didn't have one... Oh well, I had to skip it. Save money! I went to shopping at Mitsuwa again (but for the last time) to get additional Japanese food seasonings. I drove back to Wichita at the same day. It was quite painful. I left Chicago around ?:??, and headed to west to Davenport, Des Moines, then drive down to south Kansas City, Emporia, them Wichita. I unloaded all the stuff I got from the trip and return the car around 10:00pm. Oh well, it was a quite long day!

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