Chicago Trip Summer 2002 (Last updated on 2002/12/28)

To Chicago (2002/8/3)

Lunch - McDonald's

Dinner - Sushi from Mitsuwa Super Store

Place stayed - Red Roof Inn

From To Departure Arrival Time Route Cost Distance
Wichita, KS Emporia, KS 4:56AM 5:55AM 0:59 I-35 $3.50 77miles
Emporia, KS Kansas City, KS 5:55AM 7:56AM 2:01 I-35 131miles
Kansas City, KS Des Moines, IA 7:56AM 11:14AM 3:18 I-35   177miles
Des Moines, IA Davenport, IA 11:14AM 2:12PM 2:58 I-80 165miles
Davenport, IA Chicago, IL 2:12PM 4:30PM 2:18 I-80 $2.85 178miles

CAUTION: The time required is only approximate.

If you go on the I-35 to Iowa, the road pavement becomes red. Maybe Kansas should paint their road in yellow, you know, follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City...

Red Pavement

Regular (concrete)


Pontiac GrandAM, the car I used in trip

Dominick's a grocery store

Fill up, go to shopping, went to mall, ate sushi, bought two kinds of bowls,

The mall I used go don't have the Speedo shop anymore!

Stayed in the Red Roof Inn.

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Day02: 08/4/2002

I woke up, ate breakfast in the Denny's near by the Motel I stayed

had a lunch east side of Iowa City, at Burger King

From To Departure Arrival Time Route Cost Distance
Chicago, IL Davenport, IA 10:03AM 12:44PM 2:41 I-80 $2.85 178miles
Davenport, IA Des Moines, IA 12:44PM 3:48PM 3:04 I-80 165miles
Des Moines, IA Kansas City, KS 3:48PM 6:19PM 2:31 I-35   177miles
Kansas City, KS Emporia, KS 6:19PM 7:48PM 1:29 I-35 131miles
Emporia, KS Wichita, KS 7:48PM 9:06PM 1:18 I-35 $3.50 77miles

CAUTION: The time required is only approximate.

On the way I was going back to Kansas, I saw a kind of an accident. There were three horses on the trailer.

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