Lindsborg Labor Day Trip


Going to Lindsborg

I came back to my room from Wal-Mart around 5:00pm, then I started to pack. It took me a while so I finally put all the stuffs needed around 10 minutes before 6:00pm. The sky did not look good but at least it was not raining. So I left my apartment. I have arrived at my friend's house at 6:15pm. We had to wait a bit more for another friend. We left Wichita around 6:30pm, heading north to Lindsborg. We were on the I-35 and saw a large traffic going by. I guess everybody wants to enjoy their Labor Day weekend. We finally got caught by rain when we were passing Newton.

Arrived in Lindsborg around 8:00pm, a bit dark already and rainy. I set up a tent, under a large tree and level, just like my friend told me. I had to adjust tarp few times since I had it sticking out of my tent, collecting water from outside. I was so sleepy so slept while other folks went to eat at Pizza Hut. Over the night, I woke up few times because the rain was falling so hard and making loud noise. I have never slept in a tent before so it was not comfortable... (I bet most of people don't have first night in tent under windy and rainy condition...)


It is still raining in the morning. I drank canned banana-strawberry drink and some Ritz crackers. Since we cannot go biking today, we decided to go to the downtown of Lindsborg. No one expected rainy weather so not many people had cold weather clothes. We went to sports gear store and other places to get warmer clothing. Lindsborg is a town settled by Swedish, so the town look very much different from We ate some snacks at a bakery in the main street. I bought a sweat shirt of Lindsborg. There is a photo gallery of a famous photographer from the National Geographic.

After sight seeing the town, we went back to the camp site. Someone bought a jigsaw puzzle so we started to play with it. Our plan was to go to McPherson to have a BBQ at the airport because they were doing an event called "When the pigs fly festival". $6 per person. They had a F-4 Phantom II flight simulator

Everybody seems soaked from rain...

Inman Station I took this picture while others stopped at a gas station.

Still raining so the jigsaw puzzle began


Dinner at the Scheme in Salina.

One of the members' mother lives in Salina, so about 10 of us decided to bother her.

Their special pizza we great. I had four slices. Everybody knows that the all college student has a major called. "Pizza Eating"


Still raining and we decided to head home

I gave up! Rain sucks...

Hey, WHERE IS THE LAST PIECE!? (Later we figured out the second hand puzzle must have already had a missing piece since it was so cheap!)

Breakfast at Cookery in downtown

Went to Coronado Heights,

It's better to have a 4WD in a muddy road.

A castle like place.

Mushroom rock

The Muschroom Rock State Park is the smallest park in Kansas.

Group photo...

  Kosuke's hungry so eating the mushroom rock

Looking up the wonder of nature...

So, this is the "dirt-bike"

Ate at a Mexican food restaurant

Group photo again. I guess we were eating all the time!

Walked around Lindsborg to find Wild Dala


Came home around 3:30pm. Tired and I just don't want to cook so I went out with some of my friends here to Chili's.

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