Nagoya Port Public Aquarium

Nagoya Port Public Aquarium is located in Minato-Ku, within the Nagoya Port properties.

Aquarium Overview

For an adult, the cost of admission is 2,000Yen.

There are mainly  They have borrow an Orca from other aquarium last year.

You will see Orca and Dolphins

Kuh (Orca) and (Dolphin). Kuh does not eat the dolphin...

I did not take this picture up side down


Stand for some entertainment events


Sperm Whale

White Dolphin


Ancient mammal

The street light shaped as penguins




baby Turtle

Clownfish (Not the Nemo...)

Water tank tropical water

This is a fish lives in very deep water

Kind of jellyfish you saw on the movie "Finding Nemo"

A big shrimp

Small shark

Poison fish

A fish

Australian water

Last updated on 2004/03/25

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