Japan Trip 2004 (Part2)


Day 4 (3/23 Nagoya, Cloudy, Warm)


Nagoya, the nation's fourth largest city with population of 2+million. I was born and spent whole 19 years here until I left to the U.S. to study.

I woke up around 6:00am. I just cannot stay in bed if the outside gets bright. Since it is during the spring break, my brother has to go to three parties for several functions so he will be back home late often this week. I am the only student in my family, everybody else have something to do...

I want to get my cell phone reactivated so I have to go to a DoCoMo dealer sometime soon. More than half of Japanese population has at least one cell phone. So, it is hard to get hold of people without one.

I have been using this since Year 2000.

I spent pretty much whole morning in bed. However, I just cannot stay in my house so I tried to swim a bit in the afternoon at a gym. I went to swim after eating my lunch, walked for about 2km to get to the gym. Since my dad gave me a ticket to I did not have to pay  (He buys a book of coupons which gives 11 tickets for price of 10 tickets). Swam for a little more than a hour. I forgot to bring my swimming cap so I had to borrow one. I almost also forgot about the mandatory 10 minutes break every hours. My, Japanese system is a lot different from the one in the U.S. Also I cannot take soap shower and stuff.

On the way coming back, I stopped by at DoCoMo dealership and renewed my cell phone. They assigned me a new number since my previous contract has expired already. They charged me 1,500Yen to reactivate, and I bought a prepaid phone card to charge up credit. Since I stay here until Monday, I just bought 100 points for 1,000 Yen. I credit point worth about 6 seconds but will get extra one second if I use it on the weekend.   

I also want to go to Mitsukoshi Department Store. I bought a couple of toy cars. The bookstore did not have what I wanted. I have to try at other place, maybe in Sakae

There is also Yamada Electric Appliance Store in Hoshigaoka. I have been to the store on the way back. I have taken so many pictures so I need to have a backup copy of them by using some CD-Rs. In addition, my dad's computer looked needing some clearing so I got some cleaning cloths.

Stopped by a convenience store to get some tea and some sweets. I also bought an automobile magazine.

Spent my evening pretty much doing nothing. I cleaned my dad's computer, called my friend from high school. We are meeting this Sunday.

I will be going to the Aquarium tomorrow, also to visit my grandma.

I went to bed around 10:00pm.

Day 5 (3/24, Rain/Cloud, Cold)

Going to Nagoya Port Aquarium. It opened long time ago but I have never been there. Now they are borrowing a orca from another aquarium to study so I guess that's something I can check out. The admission is 2,000Yen so it is not cheap.

Aquarium Overview


Dolphins (They are swimming up-side-down, not the picture!)

Can you see the fish? (Left box shows tail, right box shows the eyes)

Tropical water


for more picture, click here

Going to Sakae, at Nadia Park. Bookstore, they had Koku-Fan magazines. This is one of my favorite books to read

I found a Gomasuri-Ki (Sesame crasher) for my friend. "Gomasuri" has a different meaning...

I am going to Meji-Mura Museum tomorrow. I went to bed around 10:00pm again.

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