Japan Trip 2004 (Part3)


Day 6 (3/25, Inuyama City, Mostly Cloudy, Chilly)

Going to Museum Meiji Mura

The Museum Meiji Mura has collection of old buildings built during the Meiji period. Meiji is one of Japanese Period and equivalent for 1867A.D. to 1912A.D. This is the most interesting period because we tried to adjust into European customs. I have seen a figure which monkeys wearing dresses to make fun out of Japanese (Which I take it as very offensive). As the result of this cultural evolution, we have started to build the buildings with stones just like houses in Europe, telephone service became available and so on.

I have bought a Bikkuri Coupon ("Bikkuri" means surprise, or shocked, in Japanese). I am shocked too. This was my estimate of cost for today before I find out about it.

So, I was expecting to spent about 3,500Yen but I can buy them all for only 2,410Yen. So I could afford buying Mu ticket which allow me to get on express trains. You can buy the Bikkuri Coupon at ticket counter at Nagoya Station.

This is the Bikkuri Coupon.

I woke up around 6:00am, I was looking into information about the museum on the internet. I found out that they are open from 9:30am, so I left my house around 8:00am. I used this Panorama Super leaving Nagoya at 9:00am to Inuyama.

Panorama Super, an express train of Meitetsu. This one is quite nice.

You will see how fast you are going. Right now, it's 84km/h (52mph)

After about 20 minutes of train ride, I arrived at Inuyama station. I caught a bus to the Museum right in front of the train station.

a bus to the Museum (No English descriptions available...)

The bus was running on flat place for a while then the road became hilly soon. After about 30 minutes of bus ride. I arrived at the entrance of the museum.

Imperial Hotel (Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright)

Soseki Natsume's house


Crocket (Sorry, it's French) Lunch (1,140Yen) If this is totally Eurpian style, I guess you will have a bread instead of steamed rice. The one of fries are filled with mashed potato and meat filled the other one was cheese filled. The soup is based on chicken, like chicken blowth(SP?).

Old Classroom


For more picture, click here

I walked, walked and kept walking so by the time I went all the places, I was pretty tired.

I left the museum around 3:30pm, going back on the same way as I came. I heard of a new Meitetsu bus route which non of my family member have used before. This route can use the Yurica, a prepaid card issued by the City of Nagoya

The bus departing from Nagoya Station cost me about 400Yen to get to near my house. If I use Nagoya City Transit, it will cost me 460Yen so this way is a bit cheaper (by 60Yen)..

I was just tired so I stayed in the house whole evening.

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