Indiana & Kentucky Business Trip (Last updated on 2008/05/17)

I needed to go see customers in neighboring states within few days. I thought about how I am going to go to such rural places in a couple of days, and decided flying to Louisville, KY be the best choice, so my two other coworkers flew and drove around for the trip.

4/29 Going to Indiana

Going to airport

Woke up at 5:30am, at 32F outside. Left home around 6:15am, drove still in dark sky. The sky was getting bright as I was arriving at the airport at 7:00am, parked my car, check my bag in, passed the security and reached at the gate at 7:30am.

To Chigago: AA851 DTW(8:25am EDT) - ORD(8:40am CDT)

The plane departed at 8:30am, I was one of few people at the first class. Arrived at O'Hare from approaching from west. This one is always a short ride...

AA851 at DTW Seeing Detroit downtown in glare

To Louisville: AA4387 ORD(10:25am CDT)-SDF(12:49pm EDT)

After arriving at the gate, I moved to the new gate, the boarding went smooth and took off on time. Flew through cloudy sky. I saw very much trees, not many buildings while coming down to land. Arrived to Louisville at 12:30pm, had lunch at Burger King inside of the airport, to wait for my coworkers.

AA4387 at ORD Partly overcast over Chicago area

Arrived at Louisville, KY

I did not know the famous Kentucky Derby is going on May 4th. I was trying to find out why the hotels are so expensive while I was planning on the trip. I had to wait until 2:00pm to meet up with my coworkers. We got a Toyota RAV4 for the ride during the trip. I took them to Rocky's Italian Grill across the Ohio river from downtown Louisville after trying to find Japanese restaurants failed. It becomes a late lunch.

Welcome race fans! Pegasus?

The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Heading to Princeton, IN

Downtown Louisville, Driving on I-64

Left Louisville to Princeton, IN around 3:30pm. Drove 2 hours on I-64 and arrived at hotel at 5:30pm. I was very sleepy during the drive. Rested a bit after checked in and then drove down to Evansville, IN to pick up the customers, I get to see a bus carrying Hillary Clinton around 8:30pm on IN-41. Had dinner at restaurant, come back to the hotel after 11:00pm. It's a long day. Went to bed after midnight.

4/30 Meeting with customer, heading to Kentucky

Woke up at 6:00am, worked out for 30 minutes, went to visit customer and had meetings. Went out for lunch with the customers at pizza place, entered factory and stayed until 4:00pm, drove to Georgetown, KY in the evening, arriving at 7:30pm, went to eat dinner at a Japanese restaurant which I wanted to go. Come back to hotel, went to bed around 1:00am

Coming back to Louisville again...

5/1 Meeting with customer in Kentucky

Woke up at 7:00am, had breakfast at the hotel lobby. Meet up with my coworkers and customer to visit the plant. Went out from the facility once for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Come back, had meeting then get to see pre production model of Toyota Venza. Left the facility around 5:00pm, went to downtown Lexington for the dinner. I took customer a short tour around the downtown, and had dinner at Malone's, which is one of the best steak house in the U.S. (The bill was also one of the most expensive...) Stayed until 10:00pm and come back to the hotel. Went to bed around midnight.

I am eating a

5/2 Heading back to Louisville, then Detroit

Drive to Louisville

Woke up at 7:00am, worked out for 30 minutes, took shower, packed my bag to get ready to go back to Michigan. Left hotel around 9:45am, drove to Lexington, which was very busy with people wanting to watch the famous Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. After getting off the freeway, we had to wait in a long line. Drove very slowly, start seeing people posting signs for the parking, starting from $10, $15, and $20... I found a place offering $10 after passing the place a bit. I think it was a big deal.

At Churchill Downs

We arrived there around 11:00am, and left at noon after taking few pictures. There are so many people around. The street in front of the place is blocked and shuttle buses are operating.

Churchill Downs entrance


Going to airport

After refuel the car, headed to the airport. Arrived there at 12:20pm, returned the rental car. Ate lunch at the restaurant inside, waited for the plane. The rain started just after my coworkers departed in different flight. The lightings were striking, and thunder roaring.

To Chicago: AA3980 SDF(2:35pm EDT) - ORD(3:00pm CDT)

The first plane to Chicago O'Hare was delayed from 2:39pm departure until 4:00pm. So I called the American Airline to change my connection flight (bad decision....) The rain was so hard the several lightning hit very closed to the airport. Even had fire alarm set around 3:30pm... Plane took off and flew to cloudy Chicago.

AA3980, finally getting aboard but without a jet way UPS freighter taking off with making a lot of splash

To Detroit: AA510 ORD(6:45pm CDT) - DTW(9:05pm EDT)

While I was waiting, the connection flight AA510 delayed many times. First it was 6:45pm, moved to 7:45pm, then 8:06pm and 8:30pm. The plane arrived at Detroit around 10:45pm

Rain is finally over in Chicago Plane finally arrived to Chicago O'Hare

I drove to the office to check on the situation before I go home around midnight, went to bed around 1:00am...


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