Moving to Houston Last updated on 2010/05/02

It's time that I need to move down to Texas. I will be visiting the office one last time before heading down south. I hope the weather is good.

2010/03/12 Day 1: From Detroit, MI to Des Moines, IA

Getting ready

Woke up at 6:00am, started to finish up packing the items. First I took out the bed mattress then there are many more small items to follow. The whole process took a lot longer than I thought. The outside is cloudy from the morning and rain maybe starting by late morning so I'd better hurry. I worked so hard and sweat that I had to take shower again. Originally planned to leave at 8:30am, but ended up leaving the apartment at 9:50am. Stopped by at the apartment office to drop off the keys.

The pond is almost melting Leaving Detroit for good...

Drove down the street to the office under cloudy weather. After arriving at the office around 10:30am, checked company emails for the last time, had exit interview around 11:00am. Bidding farewell to my coworkers then start heading out around 11:45am.

Leaving Detroit

Driving down Halyard Drive for the very last time, got on M-14 west, driving on the freeway under slight rain. The traffic was not so bad, so I was driving without any difficulties. I saw a couple of police cruisers each caught some folks for traffic stops. Getting off from the freeway to buy lunch at McDonald's at Albion, MI at 12:50pm, I could eat in but I already know that I am behind of schedule so I kept driving on and had my meal behind the wheel. Passing by Kalamazoo at 1:30pm, kept heading west on I-94. Entered Indiana, but no sign I could find. Had to use turnpike to get on I-80, so I paid a toll fee around 40 cents around 2:30pm. At 3:20pm(CST), entering Illinois

 Started my 1,500 miles journey  Someone got pulled over by a police

Fuel stop at Utica, IL

On the way, the rain kept falling so it is not so fun. At least not much traffics going on but boring at the same time. I was getting tired a bit so I decided to get some rest and fill up the tank for now so I got off from the freeway at Utica, IL. Fueling the truck at a truck stop. It is still raining, and a bit chilly.

Fueling for 25 gallons

3:40pm fueling the truck for the first time at Utica, IL  20514mi, 25.038gal, bought postcards

Once I get back on the road, it was another boring ride, passing Ottawa, IL at 3:30pm, then at Morris at 4:10pm. I crossed into Iowa around 5:00pm, reaching Iowa City at 6:00pm. Bought phone card 7:00pm at Love's in Newton, IA. I will need one to call home from now on. The outside is pretty dark now. I hope to get to Des Moines very soon. It's only one hour away. Kept driving on I-80 then making a turn into I-35. The road was not congested, finally found the exit for today,

It's near the sunset. I am getting tired and sleepy Night came. Very hard to maintain the speed, and the course.

Arriving Des Moines, IA

Exiting from the freeway at 7:55pm, and stopped the truck at the gas station by the ramp. I fueled the truck, it is quite chilly now so I as shivering as I wait outside of the truck. I don't think I can keep myself going much, so I decided to eat first then head straight to the hotel. There is an Applebee's nearby so I parked the truck (with difficulty) then went inside around 8:00pm. I had a salad for the night and I finished it in 30 minutes. Drove only a short distance to the hotel, checked in around 9:00pm. The parking lot of the hotel still had mountains of snow from the winter. Wrote a couple of cards and then went to bed around 11:00pm.

Caesar salad

 The truck survived the first day  Hotel room

Fuel at Des Moines, 20787mi, 7:55pm, 22.246gal.

2010/03/13 Day 2: From Des Moines, IA to Oklahoma City, OK

Leaving Iowa

Welcome to Missouri

Woke up at 6:00am, the outside is still chilly. Went to a gym for workout for 30 minutes. I thought about eating breakfast at the hotel but the price, but $10 was too expensive for me. Packed up and checked out from the at 7:45am, stopped by at a gas station to grab a pack of Poptarts and a bottle of orange juice for breakfast. Start driving down south on I-35 under rainy weather. Good to know that I applied RainX on the windshield. Driving under very few traffic is boring and making me sleepy so I stopped at a store at Cameron, MO at 9:53am to grab a tea. I went back on the road but the rain continued until I reached KC. Called a friend to let him know that I am visiting Topeka, we are going to have lunch together.

Stopping at Topeka, KS for lunch with my friend

Welcome (back?) to Kansas Kansas Turnpike to begin

Stopped at a gas stop on the turnpike for Kansas postcards in Lawrence, KS at 10:58am, then kept driving toward Topeka. I got off from the turnpike around 11:50am. I called my friend to let him know that I am arriving, and met up at a Spangles at noon. We chat a bit while me eating 1/3lb Supreme burger. Bid farewell at 12:50pm. Moved to a gas stop to refuel. The car took 21.733gal at 21042. Next stop will be in Wichita so it's only 140 miles drive but I had concern on how much in the tank.
Spangles' burger Traffic jam in Topeka?

Stopping at Wichita, KS, saying hi to host family

Getting back on the toll road to south, the sky is finally cleared when I reached Emporia. Entered Butler country at 2:20pm and getting off at the ramp at I-54 at 2:45pm, drove half hour to be at my host family's house at 3:15pm. Stayed for a long while, but able to get all of my stuffs out of the house, so now I don't have to worry or feel sorry about leaving my stuffs in their house anymore. I think I am good to go so I left the house around 5:00pm, start driving south, then get back on the turnpike again, driving straight south to Oklahoma border. Arriving at the end of turnpike at 5:34pm.

 Kansas turnpike ends few miles before the border  Welcome to Oklahoma

Crossing into Oklahoma at 5:45pm. Kept going sough for another 50 miles. Bought postcards at a gas stop in Perry OK, 6:40pm, the restaurant right next door where I plan to eat my dinner was occupied by a group of old people, on a tour bus so I decided to move on. The sun was set.

Keep driving south

Getting off at Edmond, OK for dinner and fuel. I thought it was a good idea to stop by here before reaching to Oklahoma City, where I think the traffic is busy and hard to move around. I first tried to eat at a Chinese but I could not locate it, so I changed to Qdoba. I had a taco salad and tea at 7:35pm. On the way back to the freeway, I stopped by at a gas stop and fueled at Edmond, OK at 7:50pm, 21335mi, 24.5gal

Dinner at Qdoba's

Arriving at Oklahoma City, OK

Getting back on the freeway, I had to drive another hour. Arrived at the hotel at 8:30pm, it was 47F so a bit chilly down here. The hotel is located in the mall property and nearby BestBuy and a railroad track so I saw many cars parked at the parking lot and could hear the horns from the trains passing by. I wrote cards from Kansas and Oklahoma to my friends and family members. Went to bed around 11:00pm.
 Truck survived another day of driving  Hotel room

2010/03/14 Day 3: From Oklahoma City, OK to Houston, TX

Leaving Oklahoma City, OK

Woke up at 6:00am, the alarm did not go off so I wonder why... I guess the alarm clock in the hotel cannot be trusted sometimes. The outside is 34F so it is a bit chilly, I thought turning off A/C last night was not too bad idea. I walked to a Residence Inn next door to use their treadmill for 30 minutes. I had to sign in, and out, I guess it was a part of liability issues. I finished by 7:45am, then walked back to the Fairfield Inn for my breakfast. I had a pancake, yogurt, OJ and an apple. I then went back to the room to take a shower, packed and checked out from the hotel.

Entering the freeway

The outside is cloudy, I thought it was supposed to be sunny today. The odometer shows 21,357mi. Started driving south to Texas by getting back on I-35 at 8:45am. Passing at Paul Valley around 9:30am, kept driving on, then sky gets cleared up. There were a couple of scenic sites along the I-35 made a stop to check out the place around 10:00am. It was a bit hazy but I could see hilly surroundings. Returned to the truck and kept driving, reaching the state border with Texas by 10:48am. Passing by Gainesville at 10:50am, and I drove for another 1 hour. I needed to get some rest before going in to Dallas, where I expect heavy traffic. After a short stop there, I am back on the freeway, reaching Dallas, TX around noon. As I thought, the traffic was flowing very fast and many stop and go. I wanted to get out of there before I get involved with accident.

 Welcome to Texas  Dallas, TX

Stop for lunch, fuel at Corsican, TX

Managed to survive the crazy traffic in Dallas, I kept going for a while. Made a fuel and lunch stop at Corsican, TX at 1:00pm at Corsican. 21,617 miles, 21.474gal.. I bought a meal at Wendy's where had a sign saying that there will be no tomato since they were damaged by freezing weather in Florida. (I guess they don't use ones from Mexico.) Anyways, drove down south on I-35, which was packed, and flowing fast. reaching Conroe, TX at 3:30pm. I have less than 1 hour to drive, just need to be careful.

Cops pulling over a pack of bikers...

Driving through trees Rolling hills with a lot of green

Arriving Houston, TX

Continue driving down I-45 south. I felt like I am getting closer.  Entering Sam Houston tollway at 4:00pm, paid toll for a couple of times then got on I-10 to head west.

Driving down I-45 toward Houston Entering Beltway 8, I have to pay toll

I arrived to the hotel at 4:30pm. Dropped off my belongings then went to FedEx office around 5:30pm for paperwork for tomorrow. I also stopped at a bank to withdraw some money to pay the transporter driver. I grabbed a dinner from Chili's nearby the hotel to cerebrate my safe arrival to Houston. I actually wanted a beer but no guarantee on driving okay in this condition... I took meal back to the hotel at 6:00pm, and helped myself. After checking the items in the travel bag, I realized that I don't have enough change of cloths so I dove into the moving truck's cargo area to grab some. I called home to let my dad know that I arrived safe. Went to bed around 10:30pm. I need to get ready for tomorrow.

Arrived at the hotel

Dinner from Chili's (Buffalo Chicken Salad)

Courtyard Des Moines West/Clive: 1520 NW 114th St. Clive, IA 50325
Fairfield Inn Oklahoma City South/Crossroads Mall: 1101 East I-240 Service Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73149
TownePlace Suites Houston West: 15155 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77094

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