Japan Trip 2010 - December (Last updated on 2011/04/02)

2010/12/5 Coming back to the U.S.

My training days are over now, so I have to go back to the U.S. for my work. I woke up at 5:00am, get ready to leave for the day. Chilly morning, around 5C. I checked that I packed everything I needed. Said goodbye to my dad and got on a taxi before 6:00am, and it arrived at a nearby subway station in about 10 minutes, then took a train to Nagoya. After arrival, I took my bag to the Meitetsu station but there is a train just about to leave and could not get a ticket for it. So, I had to wait until 6:53am for the next train service to Centrair. The train, MuSky #6 left Nagoya on time, and it arrived to the airport at 7:23am.

Train arriving to the airport under sunny sky.

To Narita: JAL3082 NGO(8:25am) - NRT(9:35am)

When I arrived at the airport, I found out that there is a very long line for the check in for the flight to Narita. Oh my... At check in, I asked the staff to let my baggage go to Houston, rather than rechecking at Narita. They had trouble locating my flight from Dallas to Houston because there has been some changes in the flights from the time when I bought the ticket. I pulled out my iPhone and started to investigate then I located my flight info, told the staff at the counter so I finally get the issues resolved. When I passed the security, the flight to Narita already started to board so I took a snap shot of it and proceeded to the gate.

Boarding started already, wait for me! Centrair under morning haze

The plane took off to north, then made a left turn, heading toward Narita. Today was a typical winter day so I could see the air is clear, able to see Mr. Fuji clear, but far. The plane few over Tahara plant, south side of Hamana Lake, Nijima, then approached to Narita from south side, and landed at 9:27am.

Toyota Tahara plant Hamana Lake Mt. Fuji in distance Nijima

Landing to Narita

Back to the U.S.: AA176 NRT(1:00pm JST)-DFW(9:20am, CST)

AA176 at Narita

After passing through security and passport check,  I walked up to the gate. The returning flight won't be leaving until 1:00pm so I had plenty of time to waste here. Before boarding, I called brother, and home, then walked up to the gate to get myself boarded. The plane took off at 1:00pm and headed toward pacific ocean. When I see the shore, I know this is the last view of Japan I see.

Taking off to north The shoreline, leaving Japan.

Lunch served Watching outside for turbulent cloud, and sun set.

The air get turbulent as the lunch is served. I could tell from the shape of clouds. I was watching outside as the sun is going down and the sky is under twilight. During the night, it get bumpy again. I fell sleep and I woke up when I see the sunrise as the plane flying over Colorado, and has less than two hours.

Flying over winter looking Colorado


The plane approached from the west and made turn at the south of the airport, heading toward the north. Plane landed at Dallas at 9:00am.

Landed in Dallas.

Arriving to Houston: AA808 DFW(12:05pm) - IAH(1:10pm)

Going through immigration, I had no questions asked, also at the customs. Took stairs up to another security screening. Arrived at Gate D28. Turned on my iPhone but it took almost 5 minutes to recognize AT&T network, it does not switch so smoothly as human, I guess. While waiting for the plane, I started to type up the blog for the first time. At 11:45am, the boarding started but soon it was cancelled. I noticed something funny was going on after people with canes and on wheelchairs came out from the gate. I have been told of it will not do anything until they are told on the next step. Everybody waited until 1:30pm, reboarding started and left the gate quick. The plane flew south to Houston, trying to make up time. Landed at 2:30pm at Houston. My journey is almost done.

Coming Home

Getting my bags then headed to a rental car center to get a car. I no longer have a car so I really want to get one soon. I took a shuttle bus to the rental car center, and checked in at Enterprise. I got a Kia Rio this time. Getting out from the facility before 4:00pm and drive toward the office. I did not have a GPS with me so I wonder into a neighborhood I was not familiar with, I even saw a guy riding on a horse... I called my dad on the way while I was quite confused, making my job a lot harder. Somehow, I made it the office, dropped off items then checked emails and used internet. I left to check in at the hotel. Getting in the room, dropped off my bags, then headed out to go buy dinner. I went to a Kroger and bought a pack of Sushi, to cerebrate my safe return to the U.S. I was pretty tired but decided to go to one more place, a bookstore, to buy books which I missed to purchase while I was gone. One of the book was sold at the bookstore by the hotel, but another book had to be bought at different branch of the bookstore, so I drove south then east, for about 30 minute. After buying a book, I came back to the hotel, had dinner. Going to bed around 9:00pm. I will be back at the office from tomorrow.

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