Wichita New Year Trip 2011  (Last updated on 2011/01/09)

2011/1/1 New Year's Day


It's the first day of the year. I appreciate of being alive for another year. Got up at 6:00am as usual, checked news on internet, stretched my body. For the morning, I went to LTF for workout around 8:00am for 30 minutes, the outside is a bit chilly and looks like an autumn morning. After working out, I headed to storage to pick up a couple of items, then came home. Cooked fried rice for lunch and started packing after my laundry is done. I was able to spent some time to update my blogs.

Going to airport

Leaving home around 2:00pm, and drove under sunny and warm weather to the parking by the airport. I arrived there at 2:50pm, then parked my car, took a shuttle ride. The driver was from Hong Kong, wanting to go visit Japan so I gave some ideas when and where to visit. I get dropped off at terminal A, then proceeded to the security screening, which I passed around 3:30pm then walked to the gate. I called a couple of friends, trying to determine what to do over tomorrow and Monday.

To Dallas: AA1121 IAH(4:30pm) - DFW(5:45pm)

AA1121 at the Gate A27

The plane was there on time for boarding. When I tried to take a picture, I realized that I did not bring my digital camera, so I guess I have to live with my iPhone until I come back, no need to buy another right now. I was able to get on board at 4:00pm and the plane was pushed back from the gate at 4:32pm, almost on time. The plane took off at 4:46pm and headed north. The distance to Dallas is not to far so they already started the initial descent by 5:05pm, and landed at 5:22pm. The scheduled arrival time was at 5:45pm so we were too early, and had to wait on tarmac for the plane at the gate to move out. Finally arrived at the gate at 5:46pm, and getting out from the plane. Felt cold air so Wichita must be much cooler than this... The connection is just a few gates away so I had no need to walk for long.

To Wichita: AA1826 DFW(8:25pm) - ICT(9:35pm)

Went to McDonald's for dinner and I had a quarter pounder. It's kinda sad that I am eating a junk food from the beginning of the year. I hope this won't be the sign of the year of fast food. Took a seat by Gate A20 around 6:00pm, ate the meal, typed up a part of blog, until the boarding starts. Getting on board at 8:00pm and it was a quick boarding. We left the gate at 8:23pm, a few minutes earlier than scheduled. The plane took off to north at 8:35pm and flew to Wichita. The plane entered the final approach at 9:12pm, flying over east of the airport so I get to see the lights of the town, and turned left to come in for the landing to south at 9:27pm. It was not so bad.

I can see McConnell Air Force Base

Going to my friend's house

Grabbed my bag in the cabin and walked out of the plane. It's a familiar sight and I always remember the day I came. Walked up to the Avis rental car counter and got my car, which was a Chevy Malibu. It was nice. I drove out slowly from the parking and started driving to my friend's home. I was welcomed, finding out that they have two new dogs. We had to go take care of another dog at relative's house so we drove around the town a bit, then chat until late night. Stayed up until midnight and went to bed.

2011/1/2 Lunch and Dinner with friends

I did not wake up until 8:30am, I must be tired. And it is hard to sleep when I am at other people's place, then I found a friend's post on Facebook, saying that Apple's OS has some issues and won't allow alarm to go off after January 1st. I have to remove the item then reset again to make it work. Drove to east side of the town to meet with a friends who live outside of the city. I got their letter just before leaving Houston so I called them yesterday. Had a good time chatting at Logan's restaurant. Drove home around 2:00pm and spent most of time in the afternoon for visiting friends in Wichita, I stopped by at three homes total. Coming home around 6:00pm Set up rice cooker for the dinner. Had dinner with 5 other people then chat until 1:00am, finally went to bed.

2011/1/3 Coming back to Houston


I woke up at 9:00am, stretched my body and took shower. It was 24F so it is not bad as yesterday. Had breakfast in the morning and relaxed for the morning until 10:30am then heading out to WSU for swimming. When I get to the campus, I see many changes there. I tried to shop at RSC but realized that I need a quarter to use the locker so I gave up, walking on campus and arrived at Heskett Center. I met with some staffs I used to know, then tried to swim at the pool but it was just filled up and the Temperature was too low. So no swimming today.

WSU campus


I may not swim but this happening gave me an opportunity to go eat with my long time friend early, so I called him up and we left to have lunch at Thai Traditions, which one of our favorite. We get some time to catch up then I get to eat Pad Thai which I believe the best in the U.S. Oh, my... How much I missed this... I drove back to campus to drop him off then headed to home. I got there before 2:00pm, then most of the time we spend chatting, discussing the plans for the year because one of their daughter is getting married, and they are also plan to travel to Europe in the summer. Checking on other items, taking care of stubborn dog, trying to obey my command.

Pad Thai at Thai Traditions, must eat!


Left home at 4:30pm, drove on less crowded road and I-54 to the airport. I took a path to rental car returns, and saw some changes there as I passed the terminal. Arrived at the airport at 4:50pm, returned the key, got a receipt, then now I can go on. Checked in and walked toward the security. While I wait at the airport, I called a couple of friends and emailed a couple more. The outside is getting dark as the evening approaches. I wonder what to eat for the dinner.

To Dallas: AA1009 ICT(6:00pm) - DFW(7:20pm)

At the airport. The sun is coming down.

Get in the plane at 5:30pm, and it was pushed back at 5:50pm, departed on time to south while there is a moderate wind from the north. I do not know why they did it but assuming that for save time and fuel. I can even see a propeller powered plane taking off to north. On the way to Dallas, the sky in the west went totally dark by 6:15pm and ground was covered with thin layer of cloud but I could still see some lights on the ground. The captain announced as we fly over Oklahoma City, then the plane slowed down around 6:30pm, only 30 minutes into flight. The plane landed at 7:00pm, taxied for a while then arrived at the gate. Took a Skyline to the next terminal. I had only 30 minutes to eat dinner so I went to T.G.I Friday's to grab a sub and bottled water.

To Houston: AA1367 DFW(8:05pm) - IAH(9:15pm)

The boarding started on time at 7:30pm and the push back was actually few minutes earlier than the departure time. I hope American Airlines will keep this trend. The plane taxied short then took off at 8:12pm to south, and flew over cloudy sky so I did not get to see the lights on the ground. The flight was smooth and next thing I know was the plane is getting close to Houston and I can see all the lights from the airplanes inbound. Descending through patchy clouds, then landed at 8:53pm, it was a short flight... Getting out from the plane at 9:00pm, and started walking to Ground Transportation to catch a shuttle van to the parking.

Coming Home

I took a ride to the car at the parking lot, getting off, paid the fee and took off. Driving home is some what boring but still need to take a local road since I don't have a EZ-Tag on my car. Made a mistake on a turn so I had to take a detour on the way. I made it home okay, unpack a bit then went to bed. I need to get some rest before going back to work tomorrow. It was a nice short trip, with no snow or extreme cold.

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