2011 Wichita Trip #2  (Last updated on 2011/02/13)

2011/2/5 Going to Wichita

Going to the airport

Woke up at 4:00am, 30 minutes earlier than I planned. So, I took advantage and turned on heater and went back to bed. The temperature outside is reported at 24F. I got up from the bed at 4:30am, stretched my body and took a hot shower, then had a breakfast. I did not see any emails coming from my family members so I did not use the PC in the morning. Left home at 5:15am under still dark sky, finding out that my car is all frosted out so I had to use scraper for a while. Getting out from the main gate at 5:30am, since other gates are locked due to security concerns. The road was not too bad as expected. No frozen road but I took precaution so I drove slow until I know it is okay. Got on Sam Houston Tollway to save time. While I was driving, the clock hit 6:00am and iPhone in my pants pocket start the alarm. So, as a result, I was distracted and missed to exit at JFK Blvd and kept going. Turned back and get to the airport parking. Get a ride to the terminal A and passed the security at 6:40am. I had about 10 minutes before the boarding begins, so I walked into a store and just bought a bottle of water and hurried to the gate..

Houston to Dallas: AA460 IAH(7:20am) - DFW(8:35am)

AA460 at gate

I got to the gate just in time, I had a few minutes before the boarding process began. When I looked outside, they had a B737 so I thought I am going to Dallas with that. However, soon the gate crew announced that they have to work on maintenance so now they have to switch plane to a S80 instead. The boarding began at 7:15am, and inside the cabin was very cold since they did not have time to warm it up. The plane get pushed back and took off around 7:40am. As soon as it go up in the air, I started to see snow on the ground. I heard there were a lot of snow on the ground in Dallas, where they will have Superbowl tomorrow. I can see the airport at 8:30am and the plane turned to the final. Landed at 8:40am.

Snow covered Dallas...

After getting off the plane, I took a skyline to terminal A from D. I get to the gate at 9:05am. Only to see nothing waiting by the gate. The plane is getting late by 15 minutes or so. While I wait there, I watched CNN covering what's up in Cairo, Egypt and also here in Dallas, which may get another snowstorm again.

Dallas to Wichita: AA1602 DFW(9:30am)-ICT(10:45am)

Getting on board at 8:40am, not many people in the plane so passengers can get to take any seat they want, as long as it is not a first class seat. I became so sleepy so I do not recall the push back time, when I woke up, it was when a flight attendant was serving drinks... As the plane approaches, a flight attendant told me that the outside is -9C in Wichita. Oh that's great.

Snow drift on ground... Wichita Mid-Continental Airport

Wichita Downtown

The plane flew over the downtown, turned to west, then landed from the north. Taxied for a while before arriving at the gate. I walked up to a counter of AVIS rental car, and I got a Nissan Cube.

Arriving at Wichita

Nissan Cube

I drove around the town for a while. First I went to Asian Market, to buy a curry mix. I only remember it was by the I-135 so I had to try at 13th street first, then came down to Central. I finally got it right. Next I drove to Wal-Mart to buy groceries then to Spangles for a hamburger. Well, I had similar one yesterday so I hope I won't get fat. Arrived at my friend's house around 1:30pm, one of the dog has been barking so bad, but gets quiet when I approached the cage. He still does not like me. For the afternoon I relaxed since I was not feeling too well.

Going to eat at a restaurant my friend owns

For the evening, I went out with my host family members to a restaurant where their friend just purchased the ownership. I had teriyaki chicken, the food was okay but teriyaki sauce was too sweet. They talked about renovating the place so it would be pretty cool. The place reminded me of a Holiday Inn's restaurant in Washington D.C. They wanted to stay after the dinner but I want to go back to home. So I drove home. Went to bed around 11:00pm.

2011/2/6 Coming back to Houston

Driving around, lunch together

Woke up around 8:00am, I must have been very sleepy. Drove up to Wal Mart to buy groceries for lunch. I bought canned tomato, ground beef, and some small items. I started to cook from 11:00am, and made a curry, and also a bunch of cabbage rolls. I spent afternoon at living room, I get to see my friend's pictures. Left home around 5:00pm, filled up the gas before going back to the airport to returned the car.

Wichita to Dallas AA1009 6:00pm-7:20pm

AA1009 at Wichita Mid-continent Airport

Departing Wichita McConnell Air Force Base

The plane departed at 5:55pm from the gate and taxied to south. Used the runway 1R and took off to the north at 6:00pm. I thought the plane will make a left turn and keep on climbing, but actually it made a right turn, flying over the downtown area. I could see WSU campus, and McConnell AFB. the plane continue to fly and I fell sleep. As it was getting closed to Dallas, I woke up and saw the rain is hitting on the windows, I guess it is raining. The plane landed past 7:00pm under some rain. The plane had to move to the terminal which was quite a long way. On the way, I could see the business jets are filling the parking spot at the airport because of the Superbowl game on the way. I walked out from the plane, move to the next terminal for connection.

Dallas to Houston AA1367 8:05pm-9:15pm

Since the Superbowl game is on its way, I see many people in transit are watching the game on the TV screen. I was not interested so I was just watching them from distance. I did not feel like eating dinner so I had some chocolate coated almonds and water. Getting inside the cabin at 7:50pm, the outside was still raining. The plane took off to south with delayed schedule, and went above the clouds soon. I could see lightning in far away, but not affecting the flight at all. The football game continued on while we fly, The plane approached to Houston, then landed around 9:30pm.

People cannot take eyes off from the game AA1367 at Houston airport

Coming home

Get out from the terminal, picked up a shuttle to the parking. There have been three other folks in the car. Get in my car, start driving to home. The road was not too bad, less traffic and easy to drive, and the temperature was at 60F. Much warmer than in Wichita. Going to bed by midnight. Tomorrow is the start of new week.

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