2012 Boston Trip (last updated on 2010/10/31)


Going to the Airport

Woke up at 3:00am with help of alarm clock. I went to bed around 11:00pm so I know my body is not rested well but I have to get up. Stretched my body, took a shower and pack. I get changed in business suit then left home at 3:40am. Because of the apartment security, I had to use the only available exit, which is the front gate located far away, but the rest of the drive was very smooth. Arrived at the airport parking around 4:10am and dropped off my car for carwash this time. I get on a shuttle which carried about three others. Some are taking American Airlines' Miami bound. I did not know they leave that early. I get to the terminal 4:15am, checked in to get my tickets then passed security at 4:30am. Bought beverages before approaching to the gate. It's going to be a long day.

Going to Charlotte, NC: U.S. Airways 1434 5:20am (IAH) - 8:47am (CLT)

The boarding started on time. Entered the cabin at 4:50am when they just started to allow people in. The departure time came but did not leave yet. The captain made an announcement, telling us that the city turned off the water for maintenance, thus there is no water to fill, makes me laugh. After filling up the water, the plane left the gate at 5:35am and taxied on runway. The plane departed 10 minutes later to the south then turned left. I could see the area of lights the size of Houston. The sun came up around 6:50am. The plane started to slow down around 6:50am in CDT, which is 7:50am in EDT. The landing preparation started at 8:20am, the plane turned to the right a couple of times, and I think the plane is landing toward south. The plane was flying over the Charlotte where the tree leaves gradually changing their colors to orange and yellow, then landed at 8:37am. It took a while before I can get out. I stepped out from the plane at 8:50am.

Going to Boston, MA: U.S. Airways 1800 9:35am (CLT) - 11:41am (BOS)

Bought some postcards during transition, getting on the plane at 9:10am, I am sitting at very back of the plane this time so I guess I don't have much luxury. The plane departed at 9:25am, and took off to south at 9:35am. The whole flight toward Boston was under light turbulent, I kept watching the ocean toward right side as the plane make progress toward the destination. At 10:55am, the captain informed us that the plane is about 60 miles out, and another 20 minutes before landing. The plane flew over ocean which I could see some islands, and feet dried before landing from the north side at 11:15am. When the plane get to the gate, it was still not ready, so we waited for 5 minutes before the ground crews let us get to the gate at next one at 11:20am.

Arrived at Boston

Career Forum

I exited from the plane and had lunch which I bought at a store nearby the gate. I also grabbed a couple of postcards for my family and friends. It was relaxing moment but I am also obnoxious. I am here, and I could still turn away from the job fair, forget about those things and have fun in the city, but I must fight the pressure. After finishing the lunch, I had to think about it for a moment but then I get up and began walking toward outside the building. I caught a Silver Line bus to the convention center. The bus was running on gas until it crossed the tunnel, then it stopped and converted to a electric bus. The whole process was making things a little complicated but I am okay with it. The bus did not collect the fare and I was able to get pass the gate without an issue. Although I bought a fare card, I never had to use it this time. Oh well...

Silver Line to the Convention Center...

Walking out from the station, seeing a couple younger people in recruiting suit coming from the other way, they must have finished for the day, may be getting a "Naitei" or lost out of the competition. I took a moment to look at the financial district of Boston, as well as the building I am about to go in.

This is my first time participating the forum. I walked through the glass door and proceeded as the signs tell. I got my badge and get my name plate stamped and dropped off a ticket into a box. I picked up a bag for the career fair as I cross the entrance.. The first thing I do, is to always feel the air first. Walking on the every rows, looking at the people who are hosting, as well as people at the booth to apply for a job. After making a round, I checked off the list of the companies I am interested, located them on the map then I hit the first one, which is Unicareer at 1:45pm for a presentation. Following the show, I turned in my resume, and was given a time which is 5:15pm. I guess I have to be here all day. I then walked around again, stopped by at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and had another presentation at TS Tech at 3:30pm for 30 minutes. They also did an interview with me and I guess I will wait and see. I had some time to kill so I walked to a section of the hall where has many brochures for the companies participating, and picked some up. I then sat down and began reading some of those. Some booth, already started to putting the names of possible candidates, those are lucky ones, and I can tell some who has expression of worry some on the face are the ones has not got a chance yet. I had an interview 1st round with UniCareer at 5:15pm until 5:45pm.

Looking at financial district of Boston Convention Center

My pass

Hotel Check In

A bus heading back to the airport

Left the convention center at 6:00pm. Walking out, watching the folks look like me heading toward the bus stop. Getting on a bus to the airport, this time I needed to use a pass. Coming back to the terminal A, walked inside to reach a walkway to the hotel. It was a short walk but felt like a very long one. Checking in at the front at 6:30pm, took an elevator up and entered my room. I already learned that the public transportation is not very kind to travel in timely manner so I'd better hurry up. Left the room at 6:40pm.

The hotel room. I have to accept $250 a night rate...

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Route #33 to the airport station Blue Line train arriving at the Airport station

As I was walking back to the airport terminal to catch a bus I thought about how to get to the hall.. The way I was thinking was to take a Sliver Line bus to the South station, then change trains a couple of time to the Symphony station, then I realized that there is another bus out of the airport to a Blue Line's Airport station. I decided to give a try and get on a bus at 7:04pm. It was a short ride. The bus arrived at the Airport station at 7:10pm, used the pass to enter and waited for a while. The outside is already dark now. Caught a Blue Line train at 7:17pm, arrived at the State then switch the train to Orange Line, arrived at Massachusetts station at 7:39pm. The concert starts at 8:00pm so I had to hurry toward the building. I lined up behind a crowded windows and picked up my ticket, took a few pictures of the building from outside, and also at inside. Took my seat at 7:50pm, just 10 minutes before the start.

Boston Symphony's Concert Hall outside Inside

For the next two and half hours I enjoyed the performance of Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles Dutoit


The hall reflected the sounds not by echoing but making the sound fully inflates within. I liked the sound. At the end, the pianist came back for a short performance the show finished at 10:20pm. It's time to head back to the hotel but at the same time, I need to eat something.

Coming Back to the Hotel

Catching an Orange Line train

Walked out from the hall and start heading back toward the same subway station. The road was packed with cars. It was late in the night but I was able to grab a sub at a Subway by the station. Getting on Orange Line at ? and changed the train to Blue Line, Took a bus from the Airport Station and got back to my room by 11:00pm. I called home and chat with my dad before going to bed around midnight.


Morning Walk in Boston, MA

Woke up at 7:00am, it was at 50F outside and pretty cold but sunny. It is a good day for a walk. Since I do not have anything until 11:50am today, I decided check the place out. Stretched my body, took a shower then left the room at 8:20am. I walked toward E terminal to catch a bus. The bus left to the Airport Station at 8:35am and enjoyed a 5 minutes ride.

The Blue Line was conducting an exercise until noon, so I had to get off at Maverick station and transferred to a bus toward the downtown. I got off at State station then began walk toward the Capital. It was a hilly road but was okay. Took a picture of the building standing on a hill then walk back the road, getting on a Orange Line and get off at the North Station to have a walk along the harbor to go see the USS Constitution.

Old State House State Capital USS Constitution USS Cassin Young

It was a little chilly but the nice and not too long. The museum was not open yet so I only get to see it in a distance. There is another warship at dry dock. I walked back along the harbor then arrived at the North Station at 10:00am, took a Green Line and got off at the State station. I get on a bus to head back to the hotel.. the bus took me to Maverick station at 10:15am, then I switched to the Blue Line train leaving at 10:18am to the Airport station. Caught a bus after getting out from the station at 10:23am and come back to the airport Terminal A. I bought my breakfast at Dunkin Donuts inside and walked back to the hotel to refresh myself. I now wear tie, and checked out the hotel at 11:00am.

The Hilton hotel I stayed 9-11 Memorial

Career Forum: Day 2

Took a bus to the convention center, after nearly 20 minutes of wait. I arrived to the stop at 11:30am, I only have 20 minutes but I am going to make it. My interview was scheduled at 11:50am but the delay cause it to start at 12:15pm. After the interview, I have been told to go another round, which is at 1:30pm. Now I have some time but no place to go. I just sat down at a table and wrote cards to family and friends in Japan. I also get to talk with some of participants who are looking for jobs. They are currently students, and they have never worked for a company. Their questions, I could answer easy, but I felt like looking back how I did look like when I was their age.

Had the third round of interview at 1:30pm, and finished in about 15 minutes. I am done at 2:00pm. I am free now! Packed my items together, stopped by at a FexEx office to drop off company brochures so I don't have to carry them around. Cost me $13, still cheaper than check in bag fee.

Walking Around before going to the airport

At South Station

Walked out from the building and headed to the bus stop. Get on a Silver Line bus to the South station at 2:15pm, I walked out from the station once arrived, and headed to a place where the famous Boston tea party took place, where is is a museum now. Nothing else to see I guess, so I came back to the South station at 2:45pm after checking out Amtrak Acela

At Aquarium Station

I decided to stop by the Aquarium station before going back to the airport since I saw there is a park for Christopher Columbus, so I crossed the gate for Red Line to the Downtown Crossings. That's the time I met with MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) staffs from the job fair. We chat over the impression of the fair, as well as the current issues with our neighboring countries. We all want to improve from the present situation, but it seems requiring a bit of courage. Arrived at the Downtown Crossings at 3:05pm, and I  switched to Orange Line then again to Blue Line train at State station before reaching to the Aquarium station at 3:17pm. The first thing I saw was a building with a big clock tower.

Orange Line Train Blue Line Train

Walked to the port area, saw a fancy looking aquarium but I had no intension of going there. There were about 10 boats and some are for whale watching. It would be nice if I could get on one. I walked around under somewhat cloudy weather. Saw the statue of Christopher Columbus at the park where many people walk and play around. Crossed the street for a shopping mall where someone was playing guitar before coming back to the subway station. I caught a train just coming in to the platform. Arrived at the Airport Station at 3:50pm. Caught a bus at 4:00pm to the airport. My Boston trip is over, time to go home.

Blue Line train to Wonderland... A bus heading to Terminals A and B

Going to Airport

After arriving the terminal, check in was quick since I had no check in bags. Cleared the security then walked toward the gate. I had my dinner at 4:30pm, because I was already hungry. I ate New England Clam Chowder and Crab Cake at Legal Sea Food in the airport, along with local beer. Sat down in a seat nearby at 5:00pm, pulled out the Hunger Games and began reading it. I think I could finish this on the way back. The outside is still bright but soon it turned to the night.

Got to have Clam Chowder and Crab Cake!

Going to Charlotte: U.S. Airways 1788 7:05pm (BOS) - 9:28pm (CLT)

I saw the gate is opened and people began to come out. I think it has arrived. After a short wait, they began the boarding process. I got on board on time around 6:30pm, the flight was full again. It left at 7:05pm and slowly headed out to the runway. We were #3 so there was a short wait before we can go. The plane took off to south at 7:20pm, then flew toward Charlotte, NC. I could see strings of lights connecting between the cities on the way. I continued reading the Hunger Games while I am on board. The passenger next to me was reading something else, but commented that he had read all three books. The lights in the cabin came back on at 8:50pm, now I can see the plane is approaching from the north, just like the same way as the yesterday's flight. We landed at 9:00pm to the south, arrived to the gate but too early so the plane could not approach to the gate. I had to wait for the plane to get to the gate for a while. The plane is suppose to fly to Chicago. I wonder if that make sense. Anyway, I got out from the plane for connecting flight.

Going to Houston: U.S. Airways 1402 10:20pm (CLT) - 11:50pm (IAH)

I was quite tired but managed to kept myself up by walking around near the gate. The boarding started and I took my seat using priority boarding. It departed on time at 7:20am and taxied for a while. Then the plane took off to south and flew a little low today. The first thing I did was to change the clock back to CDT so I feel like I am getting close to the home. As I watched outside, I see sometimes patchy lights from the cities along the route. The preparation for the landing started at 11:00pm, and landed to the west at 11:40pm which is 10 minutes early. The plane arrived to the gate and people started to get out. Since I am not the very back of the cabin, I was able to take a breath earlier. Walked toward the exit.

Coming home

Getting out at 11:50pm, get on a shuttle van to the parking. My car got washed & detailed, so it looks much better. Paid the fee but somehow they charged me twice on my parking and the wash so they had to work things out. Getting out of there at 0:10am and drove home. I was tired, took a huge effort to maintain the speed. Come home, no more suit for a while please. Going to bed around 1:30am. It's Monday already.


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