Austin Half Marathon Trip

2015/02/14: Going to Austin

In the morning, Heading to Austin

Woke up at 6:00am, stretched my body then went for a short bike ride around 9:00am for about one hour. Returned home and took a shower to refresh. Packed items in a bag and a cooler box and left home at 11:20am, and began heading toward Austin. The traffic halted once on I-10 due to an accident, but that was the only one. I moved on and took TX-71 to Austin after passing Columbus. The road had some ups and downs, passed several towns like La Grange and Bastrop, and arrived at Austin at 1:30pm, The first scene came into my eyes was a person on a grass field nearby a highway overpass, surrounded by the police, probably committed a suicide. Making my stomach sick before going to eat. I already know that I want to eat my lunch at Hopdoddy so I drove to Congress Avenue then saw a long line of people waiting by the restaurant, I gave up. Instead I drove to a nearby sub shop and ate BLT.

Driving to west

Changing to TX-71 at Columbus

The road getting hilly

Lunch at a sub shop

Hamilton Pool Preserve

I then left Austin to stop by at Hamilton Pool Preserve. The driving part was easy but a lot hilly regions compare to Houston, and the road was winding. When I get there at 2:40pm, there was so many cars lined up for parking. I was told there will be 1 hour wait and need to pay $15 in cash. I rolled down the windows and let fresh air in while enjoying the sun and breeze. I had to keep the engine running even though the cars are moving not often. I wished I had a Prius. Finally get to park my car, walked down a steep trail and get to the pool. The water was supposed to be cold but there were many people bathing and actually going under the falling water. I enjoyed the view of the creation of nature then walked back to the parking after snapping a few photos. I hope to be there when not many people are around. I left the place then began driving back to Austin.

Heading to Hamilton Pool

Pictures of the pool

Returning to Austin

Packet Pickup and the State Capital

After leaving the pool, I drove back to Austin to pick up my race packet. I needed to drive to Butler Park, which was an easy drive until I get to Barton Springs Rd. then the traffic is totally jammed. The time was almost passing 5:00pm, and the pickup will close at 6:00pm. Finally get to the parking which I had to pay $8. Walked into the building and the pick up was very quick with very short line. I needed to buy Gu for tomorrow's race since I realized this place is a lot more hillier than I imagined. Walked out from the building, and I realized that I was feeling tired. I made one last trip to the State Capital building. The building look awesome under a nice clear sky. Leaving the place after taking a few pictures around 6:00pm.

Lined up for packet pick up

Texas State Capital in the evening.

World War Memorials and Liberty Lady replica.

Dinner and Hotel Check in

Drove to Texas Land and Cattle near the hotel for dinner. The place was full but still had a room at bar. Had tacos for the meal, which was too much for tonight. I then drove toward the hotel. Checked in at 8:00pm, took shower and went to bed around 10:00pm but somehow I could not fall sleep because of noise coming from upstairs, they are doing renovation.


Checked in at hotel

2015/02/15: Race Day, Coming Home

Half Marathon

Not sure if I slept okay, I got up at 4:30am anyway. Stretched my body, took shower and head out at 5:15am. Drove in dark, took I-35 to north and crossed the river before getting off to the local road. Took a path to the parking and left my car around 6:00am. It was still dark but the state capital look so nice. The setup was almost completed, so I walk down the Congress street down south. I had time so I began jogging for about 5-10 minutes. Lined up for the race around 6:45am. The race started from 7:00am on time. The sun was about to come up so it was not totally dark anymore. Run south on Congress, turned right to move along the river then returned toward the capital for the finish. At the finish, I grabbed bagel and a banana. There is not much reason to hang around, I can leave now.

Texas State Capital in the morning


Lunch at SOCO, State Cemetery, and Museum

As I walk back to the parking after the race, the rain began falling. Drove back to the hotel at 9:00am and took shower. I left the hotel at 10:15am and went to SOCO area. Parked my car. There was a hamburger place, called Hop Doddy, I missed yesterday. There has been already some people waiting at the outside. We were allowed in 5 minutes before 11:00am. Lined up for ordering, and I got Primetime, fried potato and Thirsty Goat Amber beer. It was a nice cerebration.


Bold statements at Hopdoddy, Austin style

Reward for finishing the marathon.

I then drove to Texas State Cemetery, The office was closed so I could not get the information which one to visit. So I helped myself to looking over the names of tombs.

After leaving the cemetery, I drove toward the University of Texas. Certain roads were still closed or needed to follow the instructions from traffic officers.

University of Texas Tower

Texas themed garden found at UT campus

Drove to nearby Bullock Texas State History Museum then had a tour inside the museum. This museum holds a lot of information on the history of Texas, from arrival of Spanish, Independence and coming a part of the United States. This place also covers the industries such as agriculture, petroleum, electronics and aerospace. It was a fun visit but it's about the time to go home.

Big lone star at the front of museum

Texas Instrument Nobel Prize Signs when you enter Texas Rice by Japanese Move to Texas!


La Belle


Driving back to Houston

Left the museum after 4:00pm, I have so many places I want to visit more so I guess I have to make more trips. The rain has not come yet, so I began driving on TX-71 back and arrived at Columbus, TX at 5:30pm for fuel and meal stop.

Driving back to Houston now

Dinner stop, BBQ.

Leaving the store after dinner, soon caught on a traffic jam due to an accident. The rest of the traffic was just fine, still raining on and off but won't make people slow down. Arriving back in Houston under rain, and came home at 7:30pm, relaxed, went to bed around 11:00pm.

A three car accident halted I-10 traffic....



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