San Antonio Half Marathon Trip

2015/03/21: Going to San Antonio

To San Antonio

I woke up at 6:00am, stretched my body, sensing that it is going to be a rainy day. Biked for one hour in the room then took a shower. Packed items, double checked the contents and left home around 9:30am under rain. Getting on I-10 west and began head to west toward San Antonio. On the way it was raining a lot. I had to use A/C, head lights, wipers and drive on the wet road, the fuel economy of Prius began to fall. Stopped for fuel at Shell at Seguin, TX around 12:15pm then continued. Finally reached San Antonio city limit around 12:40pm.

Driving to San Antonio under rain

San Antonio Missions (San Juan, Espada, San Jose and Conception)

The first stop I made was at San Juan Mission at 1:00pm. This place was established in 1731, I walked around the properly under light rain, saw the area is build with stone walls with residential area a church, and gate attached. Made me think of the life of the people in this place in that time. Took about 15 minutes to walk around.

I then drove to my next stop, which is the Mission Espada. This smaller place is also established in 1731. A tiny church in this place was stone build and several blocks of native American living place. Stayed between at 1:30pm and 1:45pm.


The next stop was at Mission San Jose. I arrived at 1:55pm. This location had a large visitor center and mission well established. The property is maintained so well, so it was hard to believe it was from 1720s. There was a big church, I wanted to take a look inside but a private event was going on. Left there at 2:15pm.

The last stop is the Mission Conception, I arrived at the parking at 2:30pm. This place looked a lot smaller but the decoration on the walls inside the church were breathtaking. It is more like native American theme. Leaving at 2:45pm.

Packet Pickup,

I drove to the downtown San Antonio then parked my car so I can check out German Influence of this city. Stopped by at Guether house at 3:00pm, and Beethoven Maennerchor Halle at 3:15pm. I have about one hour to pick up my race packet so I headed to La Villita area. All participants needed to re-sign the waiver requested by the committee. They gave me a tech shirt, and a small bag. I walked around and found the Fairmount Hotel at 3:50pm, and I walked to the Alamo, checked out the Emily Morgan hotel, Menger Hotel before heading back to the parking lot. Stopped by at Hard Rock Cafe at 4:30pm. Walked to San Fernando Cathedral at 4:50pm by Main Plaza.

Main Plaza

San Fernando Cathedral Emily Morgan hotel Beethoven Maennerchor Halle

Guether house

Menger Hotel

Fairmont Hotel

Casino Building

Japanese Garden, Hotel, Dinner

It was already at 5:00pm, I thought about checking in at the hotel but decided to go to Brackenbridge Park to check out the Japanese Garden which has a history of ironic name changes. Parked my car and walked around Japanese garden from 5:20pm-to 5:45pm. Done for the day, so I left. Arrived at the hotel at 6:00pm, dropped off bags then relaxed. I walked downtown toward a market. I found Casa Navarro where Jose Antonio Navarro lived as I was walking by. Booked my name at a La Margarita restaurant which I needed to wait for 30 minute hanging around until I get paged. Had dinner in a big plate, which I could not finish because I fear it might be too much and slow me down tomorrow. Finished at 7:45pm, and walked back to hotel under dark. Back at the hotel, and I went to bed around midnight.

Market Square


2015/03/22: Race Day, Coming back to Houston


Woke up at 5:00am, stretched my body, took shower and ate breakfast before leaving the hotel at 7:00am. I jogged to the Alamo under dark, then did some more warm ups before lining up. The race began at 7:45am as they set off a canon. Runners made several left turns to circle around a block nearby the Alamo before heading to the north. It was a good run but a lot of curves. Reached at the north end and turned back toward the downtown. Certain area only had enough width for one person so passing was hard sometimes, increased the speed for the last three miles. I finished in 1:53. It was good. After crossing the finish line, I got my medal and a bottle of water. My bib had two coupons, one for feed, another for beer. It was just great feeling that I finished the race well, and drinking free beer. I walked back to the hotel on Houston Ave.

The Alamo in the morning


A beer after the race...

Coming back to Houston

Back at the hotel at 10:30am, I took a shower again to get refreshed. Packed my bags, then checked out at 11:00am. Pulled out from the parking and took I-35 north to I-37 south then joining I-10 East. It was nice weather and no congestion or accident on the road, but people drive pretty fast. The fuel economy was coming back up to 46mpg. I arrived at a restaurant at 1:30pm for my friend's farewell party, which lasted until 7:00pm drinking beers and eating crawfishes. Drove to grocery store, came home and began doing laundries. Going to bed by midnight.

Driving back to Houston, such a nice weather



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