Dallas Half Marathon Trip

8/22 Going to Dallas

Driving up to Corsicana

Woke up at 6:00am, strethced my body, still feel like I am not myself since it is hard to switch back from night shift body to the day shift. Packed all the items in a bag and filled my cooler box with water bottles, and then put them in my car including my old radio. Left home around 9:00am, drove to Heights to drop off my casettle player which my friend wanted to use. Getting on I-45 north and left Houston. Passing familar cities; The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery... After about two hours of drive, I stopped at Buc-ee's in Madisonville for fuel at 11:15am.

Driving out of Houston via I-45

Buc-ee's at Madisonville, TX

Driving under rain

After a short stop, I kept going up north and arrived at Corsicana. I got rained on the way. The first stop was at Russell Stover company. I could not find anything which can survive the heat, except an umbrella so I bought one. I then stopped at Navarro College first, followed by lunch at Dickey's Barbecue. I kept driving and made a stop at Collin Street Bakery at 1:44pm to buy the famous "De Luxe" fruit cake. Turned around and made stop at the Pioneer Village at 2:00pm, spent about half hour checking old houses, including the one which was standing at the Washington-on-the-Brazos in 1836, when the decleration of independence was signed there. After arriving at the visitor center to begin my walk tour. There are several interesting places; interurban train once connected Corsicana and Dallas, location where the oil was first discovered, initially sought for drinking water, and the famous Wolf brand chili where they started at a street corner.. While I was walking, I felt the heat. There are not many places I can hide from the sun and the temperature was high, too, My shirt got very salty, I hope I did not lose too much electrite for tomorrow's race. Stayed there until 3:30pm then headed up north.

Russell Stover

BBQ at Dichey's Barbecue

Downtown Corsicana

 former corsicana Dept  Interurban Train  Library  Courthouse
Jail Petroleum Industry Park Palace Theater National Bank

Victorian Sampler IOOF Building Antique Molloy Hotel

Dee's Place, with big Dr. Pepper Logo First National Bank Pace Building Murchison
Post Office  Collins Street Bakery    

Pionner Village

 Redden House  Old Barn   Indian Trading   Kitchen
 Hartzell        Magnolia Gas  

Heading to Dallas, Stops at Ferris, Ennin, Former Enemy Detention Center

After leaving the town, I made two more stops; Ennis (4:00pm) and Ferris (4:30pm) on the way to Dallas to check out former train depots. I followed Malloy Bridge Road to Seagoville, stopped by Federal Correctional Institute, which used to be a detension center for Japanese during the World War II. I think I am done checking out historical locations.

Ennis Depot

Ferris Depot

  Enermy Detention Center

Arriving at Dallas, Downtown Walking Tour, Dinner

 I continue driving on the road, arrived at the hotel in downtown at 5:30pm and dropped my car off at the hotel valet. I walked into the building for check in and relaxed at the room for a while. The view was much nicer from the 17th floor, which I needed to insert a room key to get up. Stepped out in the evening to check out several landmarks of Dallas; Majestic Theater, City Hall, former FRB, Hotels. It was hot, indicating 100+F but not so humid. To finish up, I stopped by at Hard Rock Cafe to buy pins, and ate dinner at Dick's Last Resort before coming back to the hotel. There seems to be an outdoor concert going on, I was curious but I'd rather be taking care of my body right now. Stopped by at 7-Eleven to buy breakfast for tomorrow and drinks. Once come back to the room, I checked emails and talked with my friend who I am going to meet tomorrow for lunch, Going to bed around 11:00pm,

Check in at hotel

 Former Dallas FRB Building  Majestic Theater  Aldphus Building  Dallas City Hall
 Sixth Floor Museum  Old Red Courthouse  Nieman Marcus  
 JFK Memorial Plaza      


Dallas Downtown


Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas Steak at Dick's Last Resort

Sun setting

8/23 Race Day, Coming back to Houston

The Hottest Half Marathon

I woke up at 5:00am, streched my body while checking the weather. Left my room at 6:30am to walk to the marathon starting place. I got there in about 20 minutes and get my bib at register. The sun began coming up and the temperature started to rise. I was drinking water as I wait. The race was supposed to start at 7:30am but they were doing some course check and found an issue, which they could not do anything about it so we started the race at 7:45am, about 15 minutes late. The first 1 mile was running through a industrial area which is a part of design district, then crossed a bridge to other side of Trinity river, took a turn then began running in the trail. First we headed upstream toward Sylvan Ave. then crossed a bridge to the otherside, the course then going downstream until hitting Commerce, which is the turnaround point. By the time when I hit mile 6, my body was out of electrides, I kept splashing water over me while drinking a mounthful at every water station. I reached the turnaround point, and now I can feel the sun scorching my body and felt good on every cool thing, breeze, shade, water mist, anything helps me was great. I lacked some training time so around mile 11, I know my legs began complaining. So the last two miles, I took things easy. At this moment, there are many people keep walk/run intervals who can keep up with me. I wish I could run just a bit faster.

On the course Margeret Hunt Hill Bridge


Lined up for a free beer!

Check out from the hotel, Meeting with my friend

Finished the race in 2:15:40. around 10:00am.I had a bottle of water, then a cup of beer inside the Community Beer Company, I had Public Ale which tasted so good. Began walking back to the hotel. I met with several homeless people, they teased me because I was wearing a medal. They are not bad kinds of people.

I took a shower, packed my items, called my friend to let him know my schedule, so we will be at Korean town at noon. Left the hotel at 11:30am, began driving toward north on I-35E to get there. My friend came in at the same time as I parked my car. We chat for a while over eating Japanese meals, then moved to Caf´┐Ż for more chatting. I am looking forward to see him become a professor next year. I noticed that I must be very thirsty since the finished of the race, I drink neary 50ozs but nothing coming out yet. I hope I am okay on the way back home.

Coming back to Houston

Left the parking at 3:30pm, I took I-35E down south until hitting I-45 South at downtown. I won't miss the turns since it's so familiar now. Kept driving down south and surprisingly not much traffic or cops. Stopped for fuel at Madisonville, this time at Shell, and saw TX Burger nearby so I decidd to dine early at 5:30pm. That's the first location opened in 1973.

Leaving Dallas, on I-45

TX Burger

I see storm cloud at a distance (actually near Houston)

Driving on Sam Houston Tollway.

Kept driving south, arrived in Houston without seeing any accident or traffic jam. I think I picked the right timing rather than wait until evening. Changed to Sam Houston Tollway from I-45 then to I-10 West. Stopped at Kroger before coming home around 8:00pm. In the evening, I visited my friend's house and stayed until midnight. Come home, stayed up until 3:00am to adjust my body clock back to night shift.



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