Kansas Trip - March 2016

Introduction: This is the last trip to Kansas before I am going back to Japan. Rather than selling my car to a dealer or someone I don't know, I decided to offer a great deal to my American family in Kansas and they took it. I decided to drive up to see them before I leave, with some trips to the places I wanted to visit. 

3/20: From Houston, TX to Amarillo, TX

To Dallas, TX

I woke up at 5:00am but could not get up until 6:00am, stretched my body and get ready for the day. Finished packing my items and left my apartment at 7:00am.

Getting ready to leave (7:10am)

I drove up Eldridge Pkwy to get on I-10 then headed to east. When I tried to change to Sam Houston Tollway, I realized it was closed so I drove on the feeder road until hitting US290 then finally get on it. The drive overall was smooth, soon I took an exit for I-45 north then drove up toward Dallas. Passing by the statue of Sam Houston, Conroe, Huntsville, Madisonsville... The cities I visited before while seeing the wildflowers blooming alongsides the road.

Driving on I-10 while watching the sun rise. (7:30am)

Driving on I-45 toward Dallas, Bluebonnet and other

Lunch with my friend

Arriving at Dallas, nice weather today.

The area is getting populated again and soon entered Dallas Metropolitan area. I drove by at the center part of the city, remembering the time when I ran a half marathon. Continue driving up the freeway and arriving at Denton, TX. I drove to his apartment and we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant nearby. I was told that he is still looking for his job after getting his PhD in finance this year.

To Amarillo, TX

Making several stops on the way to Amarillo, TX. Leaving Denton, TX and took US-380 to west toward Decatur, TX (1:45pm). I made a stop at Courthouse for a picture. Henrietta, TX Wichita Falls, TX Vernon, TX Quanah, TX, Childless, TX

Arriving at Amarillo, drive under mostly dark and find a place for dinner at Big Texan, this restaurant is famous for 72oz steak dinner set which if you could finish in one hour then free.I had to wait for a while I had 16oz steak, and a couple of beers. It was a great moment. I walked out from the restaurant, left to the hotel. It took me a while At Hotel by 9:30pm, took a quick shower and went to bed around 11:00pm. I have another long day of driving.
Dinner at Big Texan (8:30pm) Arrived at store around 7:30pm

Checking in at the hotel

3/21: Amarillo, TX to Wichita, KS

Mornign in Amarillo, TX

Woke up at 5:30am because I felt cold, 35F at outside and will come down to 32F by the sunrise. The sun began to come up around 8:00am,


Left the hotel under chilly weather and headed to Cadillac Ranch (8:50am), the wind blowing and picking up dusts


Stopped by at a monument for Helium, since Amarillo is know as "Helium Capital of the World"

Drove to downtown to check out old Santa Fe Railroad station, and former Herring Hotel,

The place was pretty chilly so I decided to leave

US-87 north to Dumas, TX, then then changed to US-287 north to Stratford. Turning to US-54 which will take me to Wichita. Texhoma at Texas and Oklahoma border.

Amarillo, TX

To Liberty, KS

Left the parking and began heading to the north.

Stopped by Texhoma

Wendy's for lunch

To Wichita, KS


Leaving there at ? Continue on US-54 east.

Stopped by at Meade, KS for Dalton Brother's hideout.


Making a short stop at Kingman

Arriving at Wichita for dinner

Coming home 

Said good night and come upstairs but needed to catch up of FB comments so I went to bed around midnight.

Driving West on Kellogg Road

3/22: A Day in Wichita

To Independence, KS

Woke up at 5:00am. Stretched my body and took a shower. It was a bit cool in the morning. Get ready for the trip and left home at 6:00am. It was still dark outside and the Sun comes up as I was driving on I-54 passing Augusta.

Morning Drive on Kellogg East

The sunlight to bright in front of me...

Made stop at Independence

A short stop at ?

Left there at and began driving back to Wichita. Kept missing the right timing to fill up the gas.

Finally made a stop at Winfield for fuel,

At friend's grave at 1:20pm.

Left there and drove up north then joined Kansas Turnpike



Arrived back at Wichita, I wanted to eat at 

Katsudon at Japan Express


Dinner with my friends

Took my friends to Scotch and Sirloin for dinner.

3/23 Coming back to Houston

In the morning

Woke up at 6:00am, stretched my body, took shower Went out for a walk Stopped by at Manna, greeted with the store owners, they recognized me even it was more than 10 years ago. I had to bit a farewell 2:11pm


Drove to downtown to pick up my friend and took him to Spangles. He is now with an IT company,

Spangles 12:12pm

After the lunch I drove to a clinic to see my friend

To Honston UA4244 3:11PM(ICT) - 5:00PM(IAH)

Arrived at the airport around, 2:00pm, met with my American family at the entrance and  passed security, the inside was another clean environment

Had a beer (Emerald City Stout) from River ? Brewery and walked to the gate.

The new terminal building is located right next to the old one so I can see how they are taking it apart.

Getting onboard and then the plane departed from the gate. The plane took off to the south, leaving the familiar scenary and

The plane kept going south,

The plane landed at ? Taxied to Terminal B


2:48pm US4244 at Wichita Airport

To Home

I got off from the plane and walked down to the baggage claim. Picked up my bag then I get on a shuttle bus to the rental car station. Got myself a Nissan Versa Note, trying to get out from the parking but the printer there had some system issues and they had to hand out manually filled contract. Exited from the facility under cloudy sky with a few rain, drove on I-45 south toward downtown them change to I-610 west to I-10 west. Arriving at home at 7:00pm. Going to bed around 9:30pm. I only have a few more days in the U.S.
Nissan Versa


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