2016 Toyama Trip - July

Introduction: There was a company which wanted to interview me so I decided to head up to Toyama. I always wanted to visit Kurobe Dam so here I go!

7/11 Going to Toyota for Interview

To Toyama, for Interview

I woke up at 5:00am. Stretched my body and get ready for the day. Had breakfast with my brother's family, changed into a formal suit and left home around 7:30am. Took a bus to nearby subway station, changed to a train heading to Nagoya. After getting off from the subway train, I walked up to the JR station gate and reached the platform around 8:10am so I had some time before getting on the train to buy drinks and lunch. It's because they do not have vender service available in the train. (done)

Hida 3 Nagoya(8:43am) - Toyama(12:29pm)

The train came in to the platform at 8:15am. Hida 3 left Nagoya at 8:43am on time, at first the train moved backward until arriving at Gifu, where they switched from Tokaido Line to Takayama Line. The train began to move in normal direction as it was leaving Gifu at 9:00am. The train kept going and passed most of the stations and arrived at Takayama at 10:55am. Where the train separated into two trains and now only three cars heading toward Toyama.

8:15am at platform Nagoya Station, 11:11, Lunch,

Countryside, over river  9:30am, 9:50am


No the train moved in more mountrain area, narrow passages, many tunnels and crossing river which goes right and left. I get to enjoy the variety of scenaries as the time passed. The train began moving in the plain, and the train began to slow down as it getting close to Toyama.

   River   11:49

Almost Toyama 12:20

After arriving at Toyama station on time at 12:29pm, I dropped off my bag at a coin locker, took a train to Fujikoshi for the interview. Getting off from the train, and began walking a few blocks to reach the gate. I was lead to a room for interview then walked out from the building in a short time.

Walking in Iwase District, Dinner with friend

I took a bus back to Toyama station, walked east to check in at the hotel around 3:30pm. I took a short break then walked back to the train station and got on a light rail to Iwase district. The train moved in the middle of street then to its designated route. Getting off at Iwase station at ? and I began walking up north toward the port. The district is close to ocean and many old houses which used to be brokers for freiter ship are preserved in a form of cafe, and other small marchandise store.

3:40pm Apa Hotel

more picture of Iwase District

I walked until 5:30pm then came back to Higashi Iwase train station where I got off earlier and get on a light rail train back. The sun was still up so I walked back to the hotel and took a rest. I walked out from the hotel around 7:00pm and arrived at Toyama station to meet with my friend who I knew from Houston life to have a dinner together. Come back to the hotel room around 10:00pm and fell sleep but managed to take a hot bath right before they close it at midnight.

7/12 Kurobe Dam Day Trip, coming back to Nagoya

To Kurobe Dam

From: To: Depart Arrive Fare(Round Trip) by  
Toyama Tateyama 6:11am 7:22am   Toyama Electric Railway  
Tateyama Bijodaira 8:00am 8:07am 1290 Tateyama Cable Car
Bijodaira Murodo 8:20am 9:10am 3020 Highland Bus  
Murodo Daikambo 9:15am 9:25 3240 Tateyama Tunnel Trolley Bus  
Daikambo Kurobedaira 9:50am 9:57am 1940 Tateyama Ropeway  
Kurobedaira Kurobeko 10:10am 10:15am 1300 Kurobe Cable Car  

I woke up at 5:00am, did not have enough room for stretching so I just packed up and left the hotel at 5:45am after a quick shower. Walking down a street in the morning city of Toyama. It was quiet and not much traffic yet. I bought my breakfast and water at a convinience store on the way to Toyama station. It was a 5 minutes walk. Put my suit and other items in a coin locker and bought ticket to Tateyama. The train left at 6:11am, it moved under morning sun, I can see mountains to my right, and initially. The train made a stop at Iwakuraji? and then began moving into mountain area, arriving at Tateyama at 7:22am.

Toyama - Tateyama

Catching a local train to Tateyama 6:00

Joganji River 6:24

Rice Field 6:24

Joganji River Upstream 7:04

I walked upstairs to buy ticket to Kurobe Dam, the round trip between Tateyama station to Kurobe Dum cost me 10,790Yen. Waited for a while then was instroduced to

Tateyama - Bijodaira 8:00 - 8:07

The next is a cablecar going up to Bijodaita. The train left at 8:00am and slowly going up the steep hill. It was a slow, straight climb. There were a couple of rocky area which have formation of hexagon looking. The car arrived at Bijodaira at 8:07am.

Cable car to go up from Tateyama station.

Bijodaira - Murodo 8:20am - 9:10

Connecting to a highland bus. There was a choice for people stopping enroute, and also the one going direct to Murodo. The bus left Bijodaira at 8:20am, the entire route is a winding road. The bus stopped at afew spots to show passengers nice view. The bus kept going and finally arrived at  Murodo 9:10am

A bus going up the mountain side

Murodo - Daikanbo 9:15 - 9:25

After arriding at Muroto, immidietely swiching to a bus. Murodo Daikanbo 915-925


At Daikanbo, I had about 20 minutes so I could walk out from the station and took a look.


Daikanbo - Kurobe Daira 9:50 - 9:57

From here, a ropeway takes us Daikanbo - Kurobedaira 950-957

Kurobedaira - Kurobeko 10:10 - 10:15

The last leg is another cable car down to the foot of the mountain.  Kurobedaira - Kurobeko 10:10-10:15

Kurobe Dam, Hiking at Murodo

Walking out from the station, I started my trip from ? and took nearly ? hours. I walked crossed to the other side of the dam, Went up to observation deck Went down to another observation deck at lower. There were some exhibits.

Arrived at Kurobe Dam

Walked back

Kurobeko - Kurobe Daira 11:10 - 11:15

Taking a cable car up to Kurobe Daira station,

Kurobe Daira - Daikambo 11:30 - 11:37

A short ropewayride this time is going up.

Daikanbo - Murodo 11:45 - 11:55

Lunch at 12:00 for Tateyama soba.

Tateyama Soba (Buckwheat noodles), 11:56pm. 850Yen

I went upstairs to walk out from the building. I began my walk to a lake,

Hike around the lake and Jigoku Dani. Come back, bought some gift and lined up for homeward bound.


Coming back to Nagoya

Murodo Bijodaira 1340-1430

After finishing with the hiking, I came back to the terminal station. I was the second person at the line and I got on the bus leaving to Bijodaira at 1:40pm. The bus took the same path back. After a few stops, it has arrived at Bijodaira at 14:30.

Bijodaira - Tateyama 1440-1447

Changed to tram again.

Tateyama - Toyama 14:55-15:55:

 Waited for the departing time. I had time to buy the last minute gifts. The train left as the weather is coming down.

2:44pm Train back to Toyama

3:01pm, on the way back

Walking around the downtown Toyota

After the train arrived at Toyama, I walked to Toyama castle, then swing by at glass museum, and took a tram back to the station. I had just enough time to buy my dinner and fish sausage which my dad requested. Picked up my bag at the coin locker then pass the gate. The train was there, and I grabbed something to drink before hopping on the train. There were a number of foreign visitors.


Returning to Nagoya: Hida 20 17:13 - 21:02

The train left Toyama under slight rain, and it was getting harder as the train move toward south. To my left and right, green rice fields, and mountains far under soft colored evening light. There was about 8 foreign people sitting in the first few rows, and they go off at Takayama, where the train joined with another part. Once passing Takayama, no more rain. As the train arrive at Gero, the outside was total dark. Arrived at Gifu then changed the heading toward Nagoya. Arrived at Nagoya on time, then I walked out  and caught a bus leaving at Nagoya around 9:20pm, at home by 10:00pm. Going to bed around 11:00pm after taking a shower. (done)

Hida 20 17:13 Toyama - 21:02 Nagoya

Masu Zushi


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