Ski Day Trip To Ciao Ontake Ski Resort - March 2018

Introduction: This is my third and the last trip for skiing this year. Although it was a 10 years blank, my skills were coming back. Last two times has been under pretty bad weather, and already bought my tickets on February 2nd, I only keep my fingers crossed for a good weather.

Going to Ski Resort

I woke up around 4:30am, the outside was still dark and chilly. I got up from the bed around 5:00am and stretched to get ready for the day while listening to the radio. I had my breakfast, and packed my items into a backpack. Left home at 6:30am. It is going to be a great day.

Local Train: Kachigawa (6:52am) - Tajimi (7:13am)

Local train to Nakatsugawa

After buying a round trip tickets to Tajimi, I walked up to the platform around 6:40am so I had plenty of time for the train to come. It was not warm quite yet and I was shiveling as I look up an apartmnt with many vacant room in front og the station. The train came in time and I took a seat in the first car. I was quite sleepy so I was just on the train without thinking much. I had some time to check on emails and other stuffs on my smartphone. The train moved smoothly, I could hear the train driver checking on the signals, and other items loud. Soon the train arrived at Tajimi.

Shinano 1: Tajimi (7:23am) - Kiso-Fukushima (8:29am)

Under morning shine, the train came on time. I guess it is going to be a nice weather.

Shinano 1 at Tajimi station

I walked into the car #2, there was a passenger in isle seat already but not asleep. I sat in my seat and watched the outside. Unlike the last time, the outside was under beautiful weather, and no more snow left on the ground but I can see some surface of mountain still have under the trees. I took out a book and started to read until the train arrive to Kiso-Fukushima.

Shuttle Bus: Kiso-Fukushima (8:40am) - Ciao Ontake Ski Resort (10:00am)

As usual, the shuttle bus was waiting for us. Today is not full ride so people inside was comfortable.

This time, there is not much snow left on the road so the bus moved smoothly, except there are much more car traffic. Looks like people are going to skiing place also. I was watching Mt. Ontake in a distance as the At the last part of the drive, some parts of the path had one lane so we had to share the road. The bus arrived at the resort 9:50am.

Skiing at Ciao Ontake Ski Resort

I stepped outside and looked outside. It was under clear sky with bright sunshine. I can see the peak of Mt. Ontake clearly for the first time.

Under beautiful weather

I can even see Mt. Norikura in a far

I get my gears and changed into ski wear. I locked up items in a coin locker then without any warm up, I took a ride to the peak. The view from the top gives me another clear view of Mt. Norikura for this time. For this time, there are many people as well as coming in a family. Due to the raise in temperature, it was a little different from the last couple of days and I had to learn how to adjust for it.

Started from 10:30am and made 8 runs. I had to manage myself for the first run at easy course but soon my skill has come back to me so I was getting fun, but due to the people around me, I had to pace myself. It was around 12:30pm and my legs were getting tired and easier to lose balance. So I needed to take a break. I walked back into the center house and had Hida beef curry for lunch. The restaurant area was packed but I could still find a table not occupied.

Hida Beef Curry

I then went back up to the field at 1:30pm and made another 8 runs. First back on the easy course, then tried intermediate for a couple of times, finally moving to the West course which is considered for skilled.

Going for more difficult one

a view from the lift

When I tried it for the first time, I had a whack but mostly I was okay. I did many more runs and the time was passing by very quick. By the end of the day, I was able to go thru the banked slaloms. It was 10 minutes until 4:00pm, so decided to quit.

I had enough for today, thank you.

Get changed into regular cloth and returned my gears to the rental store. I picked up some cookies for my coworkers and friends.

Coming Home

Shuttle Bus: Ciao Ontake Ski Resort (16:45) - Kiso-Fukushima (18:05)

The bus driver initially told people that it will be 16:30 departure but sounds like people missed the notice. I got on the bus around 4:10pm but some people did not come out from the building until 16:45.

Bus to Kiso-Fukushima

Under glare

Mt. Ontake getting far

The bus left the skiing place under evening sun. I can see the Mt. Ontake in a distance for a while getting smaller. It was a quiet ride and the bus moved smoothly to the train station. The sun was still up so I could see the outside clearly.

After arriving back to the station, I realized there is just about one hour before the train comes, so I decided to take a walk around.

Kiso-Fukushima is a town in Nakasendo, a route connecting between Tokyo (Edo) and Kyoto established in the 1600s. There is one called Tokaido, which is more famous since Shinkansen Bullet train system is following the path. While listening to the sound of Kiso river running nearby in a quiet neighborhood, I stopped by at a Japanese Sake Place, as well as a former Daikan (Magistrate House), and the Fukushima Shuku.

 I walked back to the train station about 10 minutes prior to 18:30.

Shinano 22: Kiso-Fukushima (18:30) - Tajimi (19:37)

The train came in a few minutes late. When I took a seat, there were a group of people about ten people having conversation loud. I did not care much but could not concentrate on reading books. The train moved under dark sky so I could not see much at the outside. The train stopped at Nakatsugawa once, then the next was Tajimi. After an announcement, the train began to slow down, and I got off from the train on time.

Shinano 22 at Kiso-Fukushima

Local Train to Kachigawa Tajimi (19:42) - Kachigawa (19:59)

It was another few minutes wait at a platform and the train came on time. I get on the first car and watched train moving under dark night toward Kachigawa. The train stopped at Kozoji, Kasugai then at Kachigawa.

Train arrived at Kachigawa station

After getting off the train, I come back to my apartment around 8:15pm. Ate my dinner, and drink a lot of water. My quad was so tight so I could not massage on them. Going to bed by 10:00pm tonight.

I am done with skiing this year but will be back for sure.

Cost: Total: 10,420Yen

Brochure, click to open scanned PDF file


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