2019 Mt. Gozaisho Hiking #1

Introduction: For this year again, I needed to go hike Mt. Gozaisho to deal with my stress.

To Mt. Gozaisho

Woke up at 4:00am, get ready for the day quick and packed my bag, leaving home at 5:00am.

From Kachigawa to Nagoya: 5:17-5:35

I caught a JR train to Nagoya leaving Kachigawa at 5:17am, the first train today. Again there is a crazy guy riding the train mumbling bad thing about Nagoya. I think I saw that guy last year on the same train. When I get to Nagoya station on time at 5:35am,

First train to Nagoya leaving at 5:17am

From Nagoya to Yokkaichi: 5:50-6:23

I get out from the platform and walked in a concourse and find there is a stairway down to the  I walked to Kintetsu line. The rapid train left Nagoya at 5:50am, and moved toward Yokkaichi under morning haze.

Kintetsu Train from Nagoya to Yokkaichi

I arrived there at 6:23am. It had only a few minutes to change to Yunoyama line which is at the next island so I hurried down the stairs and went up for the connection..

From Yokkaichi to Yunoyama Onsen: 6:26-6:54

I made it and other passengers as well just in time. The train left with not many people at 6:26am and moved toward the destination quietly under morning haze. I know we now have the expressway extended to this area so I saw a big bridge just before reaching the destination. I arrived at the terminal on time at 6:57am.

Local Train to Yunoyama Onsen

Lesson I learned last time is that there will be no bus running for a while after arriving, so I met up with several other people to share a ride on a taxi to the foot of the mountain. I was chatting with the driver and people I joined from the train on the way, the total was \1,200 so each paid \300.

Going up to the summit (Back Trail) 7:17am - 10:02am (2:45)

I bid farewell to them as I walk to the back trail. I began my climb at 7:15am, it was another cloudy morning but it was not as foggy as the last time so I should not lose my path.

After going up the stairs at the entrance, I proceeded straight on the path. I skipped the Aotaki this time. I walked up a hill and followed the river bed. There were several people among with me but they walk much faster than I do. I guess I have to train more. I crossed the gate like structure to stop boulders, then crossed seven pass before making a stop at a cottage. There were some people who were talking about triathlon and I had some chat with them.

Steel Structure to stop boulders

Seven Pass

Looking down the riverbed where I came up from.

I returned to rocky area, proceeding with the rabbit ear rock with chain links, Soon the path is changed to more in the forest look, and reached 8th which is Kunimi pass. I took left and began proceeding further to higher area. When I start hearing the noise of people chatting and the sky is getting cleared, that's the sign of reaching the goal. Walking up the stairs and I finally took a breath.

Still rocky after the cottage

Rabbit ear

After reaching the top area, I decided to walk around but not much to see because the sky was still cloudy. I proceeded to the summit where I arrived at 10:00am then took a break. It was cool but so many people walking around and could not enjoy the quiet time while eating lunch.

Reached summit 10:02am

Coming down (Center Trail) 10:37am - 1:27pm (2:49)

Since the weather is somewhat unpredictable in the mountain, I decided to head home. So first I walked to a view point where I could see Lake Biwa in a good weather and of course today was not that kind of the day. I began walking down after making a visit to Shrine.

If the weather is clear I should be able to see Lake Biwa (not today)

10:46am at shrine

I began walking back toward the lodge at ropeway, by then the sky was getting cleared. There were many people walking around today all thanks to the summer season. I walked past the lodge, located the starting point for the center trail for descending.

Sun shining down now. 10:55am

The lodge building.

On my way down, there are many people coming up today, majority are the weaker hikers, some are old, others require trekking pole to come up with not much gears on their backs. I made my progress while taking break at several locations. The temperature is rising and it was getting hot. I hate it when I have to walk without shade from the sun.

12:05pm Looking at ropeway (6th)

12:20pm Jozo Iwa (5th?)

12:34pm Abare Iwa (4th)

12:49, looking back the mountain

After reaching the trailhead, it was a long walk back to the base on paved road. My legs were tired and developing some bruises because I picked short socks today. Bad choice.

Going back to Kachigawa

I arrived at the bus stop and realized now it is not in use. I asked a store owner nearby and found out that they have moved the terminal by the ropeway station.

It was only about 10 minutes walk there which is now looking like a shopping mall because they even have Mont Bell store there. The bus was just arriving and it runs on a newly built bridge and a new route. The good part is that the bus stop near the hotel I was going to use hot spring is still there. After getting off from the bus, I walked to the Green hotel. It was quick but refreshing. I walked back to the Yunoyama Onsen station and waited for a train to come.

Bus to train station 13:44

There was one leaving at 2:59pm, and it smoothly moved toward Yokkaichi. There were not many passengers in the car and most of us were hikers. when the train left, the train gets more crowded at each station and some people needed to stand by the time the train arrived at Yokkaichi station. There must be firework show tonight by hearing those people.

Train to Yokkaichi 14:57

As soon as I get off from the train, I had to rush to the next platform to catch a rapid train to Nagoya. It only gives me a few minutes but otherwise I have to wait longer. I get on a train and took a seat. It was a nice quiet ride to Nagoya, then I switched to JR train home. I come home around 4:30pm, and had dinner at 5:00pm. Relaxed until 7:00pm. I did quick cleaning and went to bed around 11:00pm.


Cost: \3,530

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