2019 Mt. Gozaisho Climb

To Gozaisho

Woke up at 4:00am, get ready for the day and packed my bag. Leaving home at 5:00am. I caught a JR train to Nagoya leaving Kachigawa at 5:17am, the first train today. When I get to Nagoya station on time at 5:35am, I walked to Kintetsu line. The rapid train left at 5:50am, and moved toward Yokkaichi under morning haze. I arrived there at 6:23am. It had only a few minutes to change to Yunoyama line. The train left with not many people at 6:26am and moved toward the destination quietly under morning haze. I know we now have the expresway extended to this area so I saw a big road just before reaching the destination. I arrived at the terminal on time at 6:57am..

First train to Nagoya leaving at 5:17am

Kintetsu Train from Nagoya to Yokkaichi

Train to Yunoyama Onsen

Lesson I learned last time is that there will be no bus running for a while, so I met up with several other people to share a ride on a taxi to the foot of the mountain. I was chatting with the driver and people I joined from the train on the way, the total was \1,200 so each paid \300.

Going up to the summit (Back Trail)

I bid farewell to them as I walk to Back path. I began my climb on back path at 7:15am, it was another cloudy morning but it was not as foggy as the last time. I began walking up to the start of the back trail and gear myself up.



Reached summit 10:02

  and reached to the summit at ?


After reaching the top area, I decided to walk around but not much to see. I proceeded to the summit and took a break. It was still cloudy .

Coming down (Central Trail)

I began walking down after making a visit to Shrine.


Sun shining down now. 10:55








Going back to Kachigawa

 I arrived at the bus stop and realized now it is not in use. I asked a store keeper and found out that they have moved the terminal by ropeway station.

It was only about 10 mintues walk there which is now looking like a shopping mall because they even have Mont Bell store there. The bus was just arriving and it runs on a newly build bridge and a new route. The good part is that the bus stop near the hotel I was going to use hot spring is still there.After getting off from bus, I walked to  there. It was quick but refreshing. I walked back to the Yunoyama station and waited for a train to come.

Bus to train station 13:44

There was one leaving at 14:59 and smoothly moved toward Yokkaichi. There


Train to Yokkaichi 14:57

I come home around 4:30pm, and had dinner at 5:00pm. Relaxed until 7:00pm. I did quick cleaning and went to bed around 11:00pm.


Cost: \3,530

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