Mt. Gozaisho Day Trip

Introduction: I have to maintain my endurance so I have decided to put one day during my holiday week for training..

To Mt. Gozaisho

I woke up at 4:00am, but stayed in the bed for another 20 minutes. I was a little tired from the trip I just came back from. I began stretching my body, and stuffed my breakfast then brushed my teeth before heading out to the train station at 5:10am.

Kachigawa to Nagoya: 5:14am - 5:34am

The outside was a little cloudy, and chilly. I reached the platform just in time to catch the first train. Although today is considered as a holiday for many companies, some people do still go work so the train carried fair number of passengers in working cloths but still give people social distances. The train moved smoothly, and arrived at Nagoya station on time at 5:34am.

Local Train to Nagoya

Nagoya to Yokkaichi: 5:40am - 6:23am

After getting off the train at Nagoya, I walked to the south end of the platform where they have a direct access to the Kintetsu line. I passed the gate and waited a little until a rapid train coming in to the platform. I took a seat in the car which was less occupied and waited for the train to depart at 5:40am. It also had very few people as well, and I did not see people gearing up for vacation. The train moved under hazy morning weather, and I just watched outside until the train arrives at Yokkaichi station at 6:23am.

Express train to Yokkaichi

Yokkaichi to Yunoyama Onsen: 6:33am - 6:59am

I get off from the train and went underpass to change to another platform. The connecting train goes to Yunoyama Onsen that was just arriving as I reached at the platform level. I took a seat and the train departed on time at 6:33am. It is a local train only running few times per hour. It was a quiet ride and also carried less people. The train moved smoothly, because it is a single track line, the car waited for the trains travelling opposite direction several times, and arrived at the terminal on time at 6:59am, by then there were only three people inside.

Local Train to Yunoyama Onsen

The bus won't be running for another hour or so I have no choice but taking a taxi. I wanted to share a ride with someone to save money but today I was the only one going up. The taxi driver was not wearing a mask which I won't see in Nagoya, and smells smoke, carried me to the foot of the mountain, reaching at the lower parking lot in 15 minutes.

Mountain Hike

Hiking route on GPS

Yunoyama Onsen to the Trailhead

After getting off from the taxi, I began gearing up for the hike. Today is another cloudy day and there is almost no people walking on the street. I reached the entrance for the back route at 7:15am and began my hike.

Going up the path along the river, and passing the cottage where I can see people taking seat at nearby table and chatting as usual, then continue on. I can feel cold and wet air coming up from the foot of the mountain, and the view is obstructed by thick fog. It's not a nice hike day but at least I am not scorched by the sunlight.

Passing a gate to stop big rocks coming down.

Kept going along the river after passing the cottage.

Foggy path, it is almost there

I kept going up without much of rest today as a part of training. There were few people I come across they must have been up the mountain much earlier than me. The foggy condition continued all day and even some rain which is cold enough that my rain jacket is not working to keep my body heat. Now I can see the end at 9:15am, just about two hours after the start.

The fog is very thick today

I walked in a thick fog, which I cannot see a thing 20 meters away. There were people walking on the paved road but everybody is quiet so it looks like a ghost town. I kept going up to the summit, snapped a picture of it at 9:30am and now it's time to go down.

At the summit

After a quick rest, I began my trail back from 9:52am, I will see at what time I go down at the mountain foot. I walked back to the direction where I come from under heavy fog. By now, I started to see people coming up. General rule of hiking is that the people going up have priority over people coming down.


Passing by kiretto at 10:25am, this is a famous spot on this path, where I have been coming down and now need to go up. When I climbed up to the top, I can notice that the weather is gradually improving and started to see the summit between the clouds. Not much time I want to spend here so I continued. 

View of ropeway from Kiretto 10:28am

I kept the pace, and passing by Jizo rock at 10:36am where a lookout provide a view toward ocean, which was not clear but good enough for the time being. I am satisfied.

Jizo Rock, the view is finally getting clear

From here on, the trail is well maintained and it was easy to proceed. Finally came out from the path and reached the trailhead at 11:10am.

Trailhead of Central Path

Walking down the paved road from here, headed to the base of ropeway station where I can catch a bus to the train station.

At the foot of Ropeway station

Back at the foot of mountain, the weather is improved at significant level and I can see the summit from here. There are not many people around today so it was very quiet all my trip here I ate my lunch which is very much left over from yesterday. I saw the bus arrived at the terminal, so I did a quick shopping for gifts in three minutes and walked up the bus. I usually make a stop at hot spring but not this time.

Back to Nagoya

Yunoyama Onsen Ropeway Station to Yunoyama Onsen 11:49am - 11:57am

Bus to the train station

I get on the bus which only carry 4 people including myself so I am happy that I don't have to worry about being in crowded condition. The bus departed on time and travelled smoothly. I get off at the Yunoyama onsen Station, hopped on the train which is departing in a minute.

Yunoyama Onsen to Yokkaichi 12:00 -12:25

Local train back to Yokkaichi

The train left the station at noon on time, and moved smoothly, I do not see much passengers again so I was again quite comfortable. I was watching the outside from the moving car as the weather improves. eventually arriving at Yokkaichi station at 12:25pm.

Yokkaichi to Nagoya 12:28 - 13:04

Express train bound for Nagoya

I stepped outfrom the train and walked down the stairway among other people to switch the platform. There are two train leaving within a minute apart. I picked a rapid leaving at 12:28pm which is arriving earlier than the next semi-rapid train leaving at 12:29pm. Inside the car, it was fairly packed, so I had to stand but I can keep the distance from other people. The train moved without any delays and I can see Nagoya's familiar buildings are getting closer and closer, later the train moved into underground to the Nagoya terminal.

Nagoya to Kachigawa 13:09 - 13:28

Finally returned to Nagoya, now I walked to the JR platform and get on a local train on Chuo line. There were very a few people inside, taking a seat in a quietly moving train, safely back at Kachigawa station and walked to my apartment. I can relax for the rest of the day after unpacking and running a load of laundry. 

Cost: 3,810 Yen

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