2023 August Magome Day Trip

Introduction: Summer vacation for people with job is always short. I have one week of holiday but my girlfriend only has a few days, so on a day both schedule meets, we decided to go eat buckwheat noodles. Typhoon was passing by last night but there is no news about road closure so here we go.

I got up around 5:00am, the typhoon is gone by now. I felt something next to me so I thought it was my girlfriend then found her away from the mattress. So it was the cat No wonder the fast paced heartbeat, and fluffy body, in this hot weather. I stretched my body, and played with the cat until my girlfriend wakes up. We prepared for the day and had breakfast together. I expect no rain so I packed minimum today.

Walked out from the apartment to pick up my car while my girlfriend is getting ready. I picked her up at 9:30am and began heading up north. I could take Nagoya Expressway to shorten the travel time but it was not necessary for the schedule like today. Joining on Tomei Expressway from Kasugai IC just past 10:00am and turned to Chuo Express way. The road was not that busy, and the sky was just cloudy. Driving past several cities and arrived at Nakatsugawa IC at 10:45am, getting off to the Route 19 and kept going north until reaching an access road to Magome. Going up winding road a little then arrived at the parking around 11:00am.

The place is open towards the south. I can see the rice field continue for a distance. I noticed the place is not packed maybe due to the typhoon passed yesterday discouraged people to come, yet there are many foreign visitors, for maybe every 4 or 5 people. I was aware this place is quite popular, so I was ready for seeing such condition. I wonder how they feel seeing this place..

We hiked up the trail a little, found a restaurant that serves buckwheat noodles, we took a seat and enjoyed the meal while watching people passing by.

After the lunch, we decided to take a walk around. The weather app shows the rain is coming around 2:00pm so we have about 2 hours. Going up the hill to the observation deck while watching the old looking buildings.

Going up the hilly path


Old looking inn (Tajimaya)

House where Toson Shimazaki, an author, once lived and now it is a museum

Looking down the Magome from the observation deck

Mt. Ena is cloud covered today

We decided to go a little further. From here on the path is a little harder to walk, and my girlfriend came here with sandals so I guess we should not go too far.

Watermill reconstructed

A monument for watermill. A story tells that the water mill was washed away in one night.

It was a short hike but felt good, and after returning to the town, we had Oyaki (stuffed bun) and ice cream.

Leaving the parking at 14:15, drove down to a shopping center in Nakatsugawa city to look for groceries. The parking was busy, and saw some designated parking for taxies. I guess they are for elderlies who cannot drive so they take taxies to buy necessities. We bought packaged curry and lettuce and departed the parking. There are many elderly drivers who are a little scare of be nearby.

Driving up the hilly road to the Nagatsugawa IC entrance, getting on at 15:20 and began driving back to Nagoya. Getting off the expressway at Kasugai again at 16:10, arriving back to my girlfriend's apartment around 16:40 but realized all nearby coin parking are filled due to the baseball game today. So I dropped her off, searched for another location. I found a place where I can park for 700 Yen today and walked back to the apartment.

Cost: 9,550 Yen

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