Mt. Gozaisho Day Trip

Introduction: The last time I went to Mt. Gozaisho was May last year so I have not been there for more than a year. I had to take one day off in September and I found the weather is good today so I decided to go back there..

To Mt. Gozaisho

Getting up at 4:30am, I was tired but managed to stretch my body a little, I realized I cannot make it on time for catching the first train if I take a shower, so I skipped it and forced my breakfast into my mouth, I will brush my teeth on the way. I stepped out from my apartment at 5:10am. I dashed to the station and made it to the platform just in time. The sky was mostly cloudy so the outside was darker, I felt that the summer is really over.

Kachigawa to Nagoya: 5:14am - 5:34am

The train ride to Nagoya is not so filled even today is a weekday. I saw business people going to work, as well as school students going to school as well. I was sitting in a seat and watched people get in and out. The new train series moves pretty quiet so I did not get any excitements. The train shifted the tracks several times before arriving at Nagoya station, and when it stopped, the opposite side of track was a train that is going to Gifu was waiting for us.

Nagoya to Yokkaichi: 5:50am - 6:23am

I walked to the south end of the platform to switch to Kintetsu Line. They used to depart at 5:40am but new timetable shows 10 minutes behind. However, I still get to Yokkaichi at the same time as before. I wonder how. I waited for the train, and took a seat and be patient for the train to depart. The train began moving toward Yokkaichi under the light morning sun. It's good to see open field once in a while. I can see the train moving toward Yokkaichi. I saw more people getting on compare to the last time, but not to the level I have hard time getting out so it was okay. I do not know the next time.

Yokkaichi to Yunoyama Onsen: 6:36am - 7:09am

After getting off from the train, I walked down the platform, brushed my teeth at a restroom before getting on the next train.

When I walked up the platform level, the train was already there. The number of passengers were low, mostly the school students. The train began moving toward the Yunoyama Onsen, it was a quiet ride, and very much only people are getting off soon I was the only one in the car. The train moved slowly, waiting at station for train coming from opposite direction since it is a single track. It arrived at the terminal on time. There were about three other people getting off.

Mountain Hike

Hiking route on GPS

As usual, I needed a ride to the foot of mountain. I saw a taxi driver washing his car nearby so I asked him if he can give me a ride and he said sure. It was only ten minutes ride but worth the money I paid.

Getting off from the taxi, and geared up for the hike. The sky is covered with patchy clouds but so far the weather has been good. I hope it stays that way until I come back down.

Began my hiking up by walking up the winding paved road toward trailhead. Very much there is nobody, so it was simply quiet walk.





Yunoyama Onsen to the Trailhead






At the summit

Back to Nagoya

Yunoyama Onsen Ropeway Station to Yunoyama Onsen 12:19pm - 12:30pm

After coming back to the foot of the mountain, I know if I do not eat lunch, I can still catch a bus before noon but I decided to stay so I have extra time enjoying my lunch. I was watching people walking by, and soon

Yunoyama Onsen to Yokkaichi 12:32pm -12:59pm

Local train back to Yokkaichi

Yokkaichi to Nagoya 1:10pm - 1:43pm

When I walked up the platform, there is a train waiting to depart. I looked at the indicator and it will depart at 1:13pm to Nagoya. I thought it is okay so I took a seat. I then looked up the time table and there is another one coming after the limited express train which is arriving. The train will be reaching Nagoya much quicker so I decided to switch.

Nagoya to Kachigawa 1:52pm - 2:14pm

As usual, I walked out from the underground gate at Kintetsu line directly entering JR line platform. I looked around and most of the train are leaving after 2:00pm but there is one exception which the train leaving from another platform. My legs were a bit stiff but I hurried up to the train. I made it and took a slow ride home. After getting off at Kachigawa, I come home and took a shower and did a load of laundry. Took afternoon easy.

Cost: 4,916 Yen

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