Salado, TX (Bell County)

1850年にスペイン人が来る以前から、この地域は原住民の生活拠点として使われていました。バンドFastballのヒット曲、The Wayは住人だった 老夫婦(Lela and Raymond Howard)が行方不明になり、後日遠く離れたアーカンソー州で遺体になって見つかった事件を取り上げています。(2018年4月訪問)
  1. Central Texas Area Museum: - 423 S Main St Salado, TX 76571
  2. ステージ・コーチ・イン&レストラン(Stagecoach Inn Restaurant): Texasで一番古い?レストランとして知られています。1860年代にSaldo hotelとして建てられ、現在の名前になったのは1943年の事でした。 A good example of frontier vernacular architecture, the Stagecoach Inn features a two-story galleried porch with a second-story balustrade.  - 1 Main St Salado, TX 76571
  3. Barton House   -  210 S Main Main St.Salado, TX
  4. Anderson House and Store: James B. Anderson氏が1860年に原住民の住居の傍に建てたBuilt 1860 at edge of an old Indian campground, by James B. Anderson, one of town's founders and a school trustee in Salado. Community leaders, lawyers and doctors have lived here. Boarding here in 1883 while a student at Old Salado College was James E. Ferguson, 1915-1917 Governor of Texas--and husband of the first woman Governor. Under panelling and cedar walls. Window glass is hand blown.  - 35 Main St.. Salado, TXGreek Revival
  5. Armstrong-Adams House: Dr. David H. Armstrong, who served as one of the first trustees of the Salado public free schools, and his wife, Julia, built this home between 1869 and 1872. It later became the residence of a succession of Salado doctors, including Dr. D.G. Adams and Dr. J.E. Guthrie. The central cottage plan residence features elements of the Greek Revival style, such as the Classical portico with Doric piers over the entryway.  Greek Revival - 2 N. Main St. Main St. Salado, TX
  6. Baines, George Washington, House: Built in the 1860s, this house was the residence of the Rev. George Washington Baines (1809-83) from 1870 to 1883. A pioneer Baptist preacher, missionary, editor, and educator, the Rev. Baines was the great-grandfather of United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson. The one-and-one-half-story frame house features characteristics of the Greek Revival style, including the distinctive front porch with square columns, transoms, and delicate ornamentation.   Greek Revival - 316 Royal St.
  7. Barbee-Berry Mercantile Building
  8. Davis House   -  Main St.Salado, TX
  9. Fowler House Built 1872 by Josiah Fowler, a settler from Tennessee, Confederate veteran, co-editor of "Fowler's Arithmetic", and a college teacher.  - 1301 N. Stagecoach Rd..Salado, TX
  10. Halley, Capt. Robert, House - 681 N. Main Main St.Salado, TX
  11. Hendrickson-Caskey House  - Center Circle.Salado, TX
  12. Norton-Orgain House  - Main St.Salado, TXNorton-Orgain House: Built about 1872 by Edward R.A. Buckles, this I-plan vernacular house exhibits Classical and Victorian detailing. Its two-story gallery features Doric columns on the ground level, which contrast with the Victorian turned wood columns and balusters located above. Residing here only a short time, Edward Buckles sold the house in 1873 to Colonel Nimrod Lindsay Norton (d. 1903) and his wife Mary (Hall). Colonel Norton, a Confederate veteran, was active in agricultural activities during his residence in Salado and was a charter member of the local grange. He was also a member of the Capitol Building Commission, and donated granite for the Capitol exterior from a quarry he co-owned in Burnet County. In 1882, Colonel Norton sold the property to John and Kate (Galvin) Orgain, prominent educators in Salado for many years. John served as County School Superintendant; Kate taught at Salado College and Thomas Arnold High School and was a published author. The Orgains resided here until 1907. Used primarily as a residence by subsequent property owners, the house has also been used as a boardinghouse and inn. It remains a prominent local landmark.  - 7 N. Main
  13. Rose, Maj. A. J., House: Built in 1870-72, this structure typifies the Greek Revival style with its symmetrical facade. The residence was constructed for former Confederate officer Archibald Johnson Rose (1830-1903) and his large family. A prosperous farmer, Rose participated in state and community activities. He was a leader in the Grange movement and in efforts to improve the quality of education. Members of the Rose family owned this house for over 100 years.  -101 Rose Way .Salado, TX
  14. Salado Church of Christ - 217 Stagecoach Road
  15. Salado Methodist Church - 650 Royal St.
  16. First Baptist Church of Salado - 210 S. Main St.
  17. Salado United Methodist Church   - Thomas Arnold Rd. and Church St..Salado, TX
  18. Stagecoach Inn  Main and Front Sts..Salado, TX
  19. Tenney, Levi, House  Pace Park Dr.Salado, TX
  20. Twelve Oaks: Greek Revival mansion built of stone from adjacent land, for B.D. McKie, Texas doctor who fought and was wounded in Mexican and Civil Wars.   - 628 Center Circle Salado, TX
  21. Tyler House  - 210 S. Main Main St.Salado, TX
  22. Vickrey House  - 680 N. Main St..Salado, TX
  23. White-Aiken House   - I-35Salado, TX
  24. Stagecoach Inn (Boundary Increase)  - 401 South Stagecoach RoadSalado, TX
  25. Home of Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson: This house was built 1856-1860 by  - 646 South Robertson Road
  26. M. H. Denman Cabin:  M.H. Denman built cabin 1867 (15 mi. NW), of handhewn, square cedar logs joined by wooden pegs; has fireplace of native stone; restored 1955. : - 300 S. Main Street
  27. Robertson Home:  Built by Col. E.S.C. Robertson and wife, Mary Elizabeth (Dickey). Rare ante-bellum plantation complex, comprising home, servant quarters, land, family cemetery, stables. Still a working ranch.
    The house, occupied by fifth generation of Robertsons, is an example of Classical Revival style. Shows Palladian influence in its recessed porches and gallery rooms forming terminal pavillions balancing a central gabled portico.   - 646 S. Robertson Rd.
  28. Stinnett's Mill - 10195 Stinnett Mill Rd.

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