The Great Plains Transportation Museum

    If you have been in Wichita long enough, you must had seen a Santa Fe locomotive sitting at the overpass on Douglas in downtown. It is a museum and I finally get to see the place. I visited here in 2003/06/14, and here is my notes.

Cost $4.00 for adult, $3.00 for child

Location: 700 E. Douglas Wichita, KS 67202-3506

Phone: 316-263-0944

Museum Hours: Saturdays (also some Sundays during the summer)

There is a gift shop, some indoor exhibitions, and a pop vending machine is available. You can either come from the front door on Douglas, or you can come from the Waterman.

A view from the cockpit

You can see how big it is

Lots of nuts at the boiler

Diesel Locomotive

Its cockpit

It looks crappy...

The foundation is made out of cement to keep this train heavy (otherwise it will slip when pushing other cars...)


the crane is 3,000lb max.

It's chain driven... This one has a gasoline engine in front of the cockpit, then I think they generates electricity to drive a motor which transfer the energy to the wheel by chain. (or not?)

powered by gasoline

also gasoline powered, from KG&E. I did not know that Plymouth made trains.

Used in Burlington Route

View to the west from the overpass

to the east

I think this must have been Wichita Train Station long time before. They have a high windows and the top is  rounded,  looks exactly like old train station I see on movies.

this place used to be a platform, I think

The active railroads

here is the proof

Overview of the museum, it does not look really good but it is a good place to go someday.


All the materials referred to was the brochure given by the museum. I do respect all the rights of the museum. This page is to introduce the museum only, not for commercial use.

Last updated on 2003/06/15

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