2014 Ironman 70.3 Texas Trip (last updated on 2015/04/02)

2014/04/05: Race Check in, Orientation

Drive to Galveston

Woke up at 5:00am as usual. Stretched my body then packed my bag and bike in my car. Drove to LTF for swim around 7:30am. I logged about 1,500yd then left the building at 8:30am. The road to Galveston was an easy drive with no congestion. However, there were cops on I-45 south watching for the speeders. Crossing the bridge and arrived at Galveston Island, drove toward the Moody Garden. Parked my car at 9:30am.

Crossing the bridge to Galveston

The bay looks a bit wavy...

Check in, Course check, and Bike check

I walked to a tent for check in, there were about 20 people in front of me waiting windy bay area with surfs crushing nervously, by the time the check in started at 10:00am, maybe 200 people lined behind me. I signed my wavier and got myself tagged with a blue band, also picked up bag and other goodies. Afterward, I walked around and bought a bike jersey with Ironman 70.3 Texas logo. Attended the first orientation then left there around 11:00am to grab a lunch at McAlister. The outside was now overcast and windy. Stopped by at Kroger for groceries before driving to check out the bike course prior to the race. I had to pay $4 to cross and back the San Luis pass bridge. Back to the Moody Garden around 2:30pm to drop off my bike and rain proofed it before leaving to the hotel.

People lined for the check in, I thought I was the last just minutes ago.

Getting briefing at 11:00am

Signs posted to notify the bike course

Passing the San Luis pass

Bike turning point

Bluebonnets found along the way.

Hotel check in, Dinner

Checked in at the hotel (Holiday Inn Resort) at 3:15pm and workout easy until 4:50pm. I took a shower then stepped outside for dinner at Mario's Ristrante for spaghetti around 5:45pm. Come back to the room at 7:00pm, took things easy until 10:00pm and went to bed.

Hotel room Kitchen Bed room View from the room

Spaghetti at Mario's...

2014/04/06: Race day

Race Morning

Woke up at 4:00am, checked the weather on the TV and internet, looks like we are good to go. Left the hotel at 5:15am under dark sky toward the Moody Garden. Parked nearby the transition area and walked to the area to check gears and setup for the race under still dark sky. Rain came sometimes, and occasionally the lights to the area went out. I had concern that the swim portion maybe cancelled but it did not get that bad. Get changed into wetsuit and left the area by 6:45am then walk toward the starting area. The path was paved but the surface was pretty rough so it was a bit tough to walk.

Checking the weather, it's going to be rainy...

First Ironman 70.3

The race started at 7:00am then my wave started at 7:30am. It was a tense moment to wait for the turn. The waves were a bit high and because of the many people swimming along, I swallowed some salt water but when I made a turn, the situation was better and I kept going. When I made the second turn, I was in quiet comfortable position.
Transition 1 Swim out at 8:14am and headed to the transition area. I wanted to use restroom so I get changed and took care of business before heading out for the bike.
Left the transition area at 8:36am and mounted on the bike and rode toward the Seawall Rd. At the beginning, the wind was somewhat coming from behind so it was nice, but soon the wind becomes cross wind. Even the rain began to fall so I had to be careful. Turned at mile 26 at 9:52am, rain still falling. I stretched my legs then rode back to the transition area. The rain stopped later in riding so finishing up was easy.
Transition 2 Back at transition area at 11:24am and changed into my running gear in 15 minutes.
As soon as I walked our from the transition area, I joined a flow of people making laps. The first two laps were good then the left leg began to complain at the third lap. I was taking a lot of water and Gu during the laps. It helped me a lot and I have nothing else to hold back. I just want to finish the race so I can go to Japan for another one. I did my three laps and finished around 1:42pm. Got my medal, I prove myself that I can do a half. Walked to the tent for free meals and water. I was chatting other participants then the transition area opened at 2:30pm, picked up my bike and retrieved my bag.


Drive back to Houston

Walked to my car and loaded everything; my bike, bag, cooler box... Left Moody Garden around 3:30pm, drove under congested area and once I was on the I-45, rain was falling for the most of the time until I drive home. Unloaded all the items and washed my wetsuit. Put my legs in cold water to cool them, and relaxed at home until the evening comes. Went to eat at Logan's for 22oz steak and come home, relaxed and went to bed around 10:00pm.





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