Japan Trip 2015 - January Part 3

2015/01/30: Back in Nagoya

Woke up at 6:00am, Had breakfast with brother at 7:00am. Did a load of laundry with my dad's washing machine. Took my nephew to day care and come home. I do not think it is going to be sunny today, so I took laundry to a nearby drier around 10:00am, waiting for about a half hour while organizing my recepts from the trip. Come home then left again about noon to walk to a cemetery to visit my mom'd grave. It began raining quietly and breezy, my jacket and pants got wet as I walk. Arrived there at 1:00pm, I found there is no flower at the tomb so bought a pair to put on the vases. I also gave a snack I bought in Kochi at the tomb then left. The way back home was still raining, I stopped by at a bookstore, and to McDonald's for lunch around 2:00pm. People had concern about the food safety for the last several months, but there are some people still there. 
Swing by at an electric appliance store after lunch but could not find one what my dad wanted.Took a bus back home instead of walking. I had enough today. Stayed at home for the rest of the day and had dinner with brother's family.Went to down stairs and hoped to update my web but somehow I fell sleep. I woke up at midnight, brushed my teeth and went to bed again. Too tired to take shower today.


2015/01/31: Meeting with my friend from high school

Woke up at 5:30am, The room was pretty cold so I had to use a heater. I suspect the rate will increase after the morning so I turned it off around 7:00am. I had breakfast with my brother's family around 8:00am. Since I have all the cloths taken care of, I was free so I began backing up data from my brother's HDD camcorder. I just need to wait until it completes its job so I went for a jog for 30 minutes and came home to take shower. Left home and took a bus using Donichi Eco Kippu, going to a subway station leaving at 10:29am which came on time. Arrived at the station within 15 minutes, then took a train to Nagoya which was leaving at 10:47am.

At Nagoya, I met with my friend from high school. We walked around to look for an external HDD for my brother and also a radio with CD player for my dad. We had lunch at a restaurant then finished shopping. My friend needed to go, too. I got on a subway leaving at 1:51pm, stepped out from the station after arriving, thought about eating donuts at nearby shopping mall but they did not have one. In addition, the outside was too windy so I gave up on walking and caught a bus leaving at 2:18pm to come home. Had dinner with my brother's family and dad, went downstairs and used heater to warm up my room a little. Fell sleep until midnight while warming up my room, brush my tooth and went to bed. I will be coming home tomorrow.

Lunch with my friend, I had Miso Katsu lunch set

2015/02/01 Coming back to the U.S.

To the airport (done)

Woke up at 5:30am, another cold morning so I had to use a heater until 7:00am when the electricity rate increases. My dad must have liked the new radio I bought, I can tell he is not using the one at kitchen today.
Stretched my body, then my brother let me know that the breakfast is going to be around 8:00am so I went outside to cast my vote then for a quick run before the meal. The voting station was an elementary school where I studied. Began running after that, It was a sunny but breezy and cold. I saw about 20 people on the course. Came home, took a shower, joined the breakfast at upstairs.

Lake in the morning

After the breakfast, I spent morning packing, vacuumed the room, say goodbye to my dad before leaving home at 10:50am. I walked to the bus stop with my brother and niece who were on their way to go buy something at nearby DIY store. Standing in windy outside in shadow, feeling like waiting takes forever. Finally getting on the bus at 11:13am, and the bus moved in the familiar route. The traffic was not that bad. When it arrived to Sakae, the shadow casted on the ground looked so beautiful. The bus arrived at 11:48am at the terminal. Went downstairs to the train station, bought a train ticket for MuSky 320 leaving Nagoya at 12:01pm.

Sunny and the shadow on the ground

MuSKY at Nagoya station

The train departed on time. The sunny weather make my feel brightened but at the same time, sleepy. I fell sleep several times on the way. Arriving at Centrair station at 12:36pm, walked out from the train and headed to the ticketing. It took a while to merge two sets of iterineries but somehow they made it, I had to pay 9,000 Yen for the extra bag...

Finish taking care of ticket by 1:00pm then I went upstairs to the observation deck. It was very windy, wires preventing from falling at observation deck were making humming noise, and cannot face wind without my eyes in tears. I saw there was an ANA plane practicing touch and go's in this wind. I feel sorry for the pilot. I went back inside the building and had lunch at a restaurant for Misokatsu and Kishimen. There were of course several restaurants so busy which I wanted to avoid. It was a good meal as the last one before leaving Nagoya. Walked the screening and passed at 2:00pm, continue proceeding to the gate 5 and waited for a while. I have tried to connect to the Internet but it was not stable for a while.


Airport deck

Before departing from Centrair (Miso Katsu and Miso Nikomi Udon

To Narita: ANA340 NGO(2:45pm JST) - NRT(3:55pm JST)

Getting on board the plane at 2:35pm, the plane departed on time, taxied to the south end and departed to the north, made the regular left turn as the plane gains the altitude, the plane flew to east and passed Mt. Fuji to the left, flew over Oshima, where I can see the volcano like features on contour then moved to the Pacific Ocean, turned around for landing at 34R. The plane lands at 3:45pm and taxied to at outside parking. Took a bus to the terminal building and began walking into the building at 4:10pm. Since I have a ticket for the connecting flight, I did not have to go through all the extra process, but just walk into the international flight connection section. Lined up at security, and passed screening and the passport check by 4:30pm. I have some time before needing to go to the gate. I bought a couple duty free items.

To Los Angeles: UA33 NRT(6:10pm JST) - LAX(11:00am PST)

At the gate, I was called because they wanted to check my passport. Waited nearby the gate then people began making lines as the boarding time nears. The boarding began at 5:20pm on time and I took seat at 5:28pm. The door was closed at 5:55pm and the plane was pushed back at 6:00pm. The captain was a female and telling passanger that we expect some turbulent air in the middle but we will try to fly it over, somewhat sounds assuring. Began taxing at 6:10pm. There was a long wait but eventually took off to north at 6:30pm, stretched for a while then turned right to change heading toward the shore, I could see the airport on the ground in dark. The plane gained altitude and left the shore at 6:40pm.

Waiting for the turn

Departing from Narita

Narita Airport

During the flight, I watched two movies, one was "Rurouni Kenshin" and another was "Maze Runner".. The flight was smooth in general, but gets turbulent after dinner. (8:30pm JST). I tried to sleep but not much of success. Had breakfast at 2:30am JST, which is about 9:30am in PST. The plane approached from north side, made turn to fly between the downtown and the airport to east, turned around to get ready for the landing. Landed at 10:33am pst, then the plane began taxing to the terminal. The plane arrived At gate at 10:45am pst. I walked out
11:10 passed immigration, no question asked. I walked down a long hallway to the baggage claim, bags were coming out and I put my duty free items in the gaps of my belongings before I recheck them. 11:15 passed customs and walked out from the secure area.



Arriving at LAX

Making a turn for the final

Los Angeles downtown


To Houston: UA1168 LAX(2:51pm PST) - IAH(8:03pm CST)

I passed security and arrived at the gate by 11:30am. I had about two hours to waste before the boarding so I bought bottled drinks and kept playing with my smartphone. The boarding began on time and I took my seat at 2:20pm PST. The plane prepared for departure, and it was pushed back at 2:45pm. Because how the airport terminals are designed, it needed to be pushed all way out so it was a long push back. The plane departed at 3:00pm PST to the west, kept going for a while then made a left turn to return back to the shore after 10 minute. The flight took path with not much to see, desert, mountains, and nothing else. The sun was very much set by the time the plane approached to Houston. It began its descent at 8:15pm, the captain is expecting a bumpy ride. The plane flew south, turned left at north of the airport to head east, made a right turn to come back. It landed at 7:45pm, taxied for a while and arrived at the gate in 10 minutes. I am happy that I am back in Houston. I got out from the plane at 8:05pm, and walked to the baggage claim. Picked up my bag after waiting 15 minutes, look like all other claims are getting delayed.


At North of Houston

Coming home (done)

Get on a shttle van at 8:25pm but it had to wait for another customers to get on then left at 8:30pm. I was the first one to be dropped off, so I loaded my bags in the car then started the engine. Drove slowly to the cashier then left the parking at 8:50pm, made a call to order my food and drove to Izakaya Wa in 20 minutes, a near record time since the traffic was not busy at all.

Stayed until 10:00pm, then drove home. Called home to let my dad know my safe arrival. Unpacking, began a load of laundry and went to bed around 1:00am. I need to wake up at 6:00am tomorrow...

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