2013 Japan Trip - Amanohashidate Visit


2013/6/11 Visa Interview at Osaka, Visiting Amanohashidate

Visa Interview at the U.S. Consulate General at Osaka

My breakfast, Japanese bread

Woke up at 4:30am, I could not myself to check if the outside is bright because I am already tired from staying up too late last night. So I stayed in the bed until 6:00am. Stretched my body in tiny hallway of the hotel, stepped out to get my breakfast and enjoyed Japanese style bread. I took shower and get my suit on. Stepped out from the hotel, walking toward Hyogo station. Caught a train to Kobe at 7:42am then I changed to Special Rapid at Kobe which left the station at 7:50am. The train was packed but some how I survived. Arrived at Osaka station where I needed to get off at 8:18am, a little earlier than I thought. Walked around the newly renovated station and located a coin locker to put my bag inside. I walked out from the station toward USCG at 8:30am and realized the outside was slightly rainy.

The interview process started as usual, lined up at outside and being lead inside a few at a time, get my bag and belonging checked and go up to the third floor for paperwork validation. I did not bring a paper so I was sweating but came out to be okay. Proceeded to the second floor for the interview. Mine was approved and I am heading out of the building.

Some Osaka pictures. (JR Osaka station, Midosuji, South building)

Heading to Amanohashidate

I walked out from the building relieved, gave more look at the building which USCG is located. However, I have no time to waste. I went back to the Osaka station in hurry, picked up my bag and bought boarding ticket to Amanohashidate. They gave me an option to use Express Konotori #5 leaving Osaka at 10:11am, switching to Hashidate #3 at Fukuchiyama, arriving at Amanohashidate station at 12:29pm. I guess that's good enough. I paid money and bought tickets.

Konotori 5 at Osaka Station

Switching train at Fukuchiyama station.

Hashidate 3 at Amanohashidate Station

Amanohashidate station

I pass the gate and went up to the platform. It was a little early so I was able to snap picture of Express Thunderbird, as well as buying snacks at a Kiosk before getting on the train. The train left Osaka station smoothly at 10:11am on time. The train had a better restroom than Shinkansen, I was able to get my cloth changed inside. Also called my dad to let him know that my interview was a success. After a while, I went back to the seat and watched outside and snacking for a while. The train moved in fresh green and alongside of river and mountains. The train get to Fukuchiyama station at 11:44am. Looked outside while waiting for the connection to Express Hashidate #3. The place was open but not much populated. The train left at 11:51am. The train began to move slowly. It has only single track so

The train arrived at Miyazu for switch back. KTR now operates. I saw some old looking train, the train switched direction and headed to Amanohashidate, soon the train arrived at the destination on time at 12:29pm

Get on kounitoi #5 leaving Osaka at


Hashidate #3 leaving to 11:51am to 12:29pm

moving between fresh green colored mountains,

occasional view of river,

at field, rice field and houses

Arriving Amanohashidate at 12:29

Old looking trains at Miyazu station


I get off the train and took a few pictures of the train and station. As I walked out from the station, I used coin locker to store my bag so I can travel without annoying big bag. I checked the timetable, in order to get back to Nishi-Akashi station at 7:00pm, looks like I have to leave here at 3:00pm. Right now is at 12:30pm, so I have two and a half hour to walk around. Well, I have no choice but I have to run. I began running cross the narrow land portion bridging between two places. Once I step in a dense pine forest, the sea breeze stops and I could smell the pine. Crossed to the other side at 12:50, kept walking by following a sign says lift. Walking up hill with some gift shops. Arriving at lift at 13:06, paid 640 to get on a
At top 13:15, the view from the deck was not that great but I took picture and get to see what's around. Not just the Amanohashidate, but I could also see Wakasa Gulf.

Took the lift back down at 1:30pm, Stopping by at Kono Shrine at 1:35pm then began running back again while shooting a few more picture.


I stopped


The bridge rotate to let ships go

Kaisen Don

Ate kaisen don at 14:23 while filling out a couple of post cards to my dad and friend. After buying a few items at nearby gift shop, I dropped off mails at post office. I bought a few items before getting on the train at 14:45.

Coming back to Kobe (Nishi-Akashi for dinner)

Leaving Amanohashidate at 15:01 with ?. The train headed to Miyazu first, then switched direction toward Fukuchiyama.

Hashidate 6


Konotori 18

17:51 from Amagaski to Banshu Ako

Arrived at Nishiakashi station at 6:30pm, it's been a while since the last time I came so I decided to step out and walk around. I then get on a local train leaving at 6:52pm, a short ride to Okubo station which I arrived at 6:56pm

Nishi-Akashi Station, Okubo station

At 10:32, I caught a Special Rapid train leaving Nishi-Akashi leaving at 10:37pm, which took me to Kobe and got off at 10:52pm, switched to a local train heading to west ward at 10:54pm. After arriving to Hyogo station, walked back to the hotel. Back in my room by 11:00pm and went to bed at 11:30pm.

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