2013 Japan Trip - Mt. Gozaisho Hike


2013/6/14 Going to Gozaisho Mountain

To Yunoyama Onsen

I woke up at 5:30am, stretched my body and took a shower. Left home at 6:00am to catch a bus to Nagoya station. I stopped at a convenience store to buy my breakfast and lunch for the day before getting on the bus. I wanted a boiled egg but they did not carry one. Reached to the bus stop a few minutes before the scheduled arrival, getting on the bus on time and found about 70% was occupied. I never thought Japanese people get up to for work this early. The road toward Nagoya station did not have much cars, so the bus cruised the morning street of Nagoya smoothly and arrived at the terminal at 6:50am.

Nanachan holding a beer

I walked down to Kintetsu Nagoya station, bought fare ticket for 830 Yen but I also wanted a place where I can eat my breakfast so I paid extra 500 Yen to get a seat in an Express train (Urban Liner Next, bound for Kashiko Jima) leaving at 7:10am. I took a seat and had my breakfast during the 30 minutes ride to Yokkaichi. When I arrived to Yokkaichi, I switch the train bound to Yunoyama Onsen. At platform #6, the train was just arrived and letting people out the cars. That was packed, many were students. They chat among each other, some are from the same school, and others are friends from previous school. Some of them were not so noisy too, operating smartphone playing games, exchanging SMS. They left as the train move toward the Onsen. At one point, a girl found a train pass left in the car and she throw it out of the car. Hopefully someone will find it because it has a name of the holder also. I was surprised but also amazed. She recognize there was something left at the seat, and made a quick judgment that by leaving the pass at the station (even by throwing it out), someone in the same school will pick it up and deliver to the student. I was watching as one of students picked up as the train depart from the station. I finally arrived to Yunoyama Onsen station at 8:20am.

The train left Nagoya at 7:10am and arrived at Yokkaichi at 7:39am. I changed the platform to 6, there were many people getting out from the train for commuting to their work places and schools. When I enter the car, it was the same. Many junior high students in the train, girls chatting each other, some of them in different uniforms, must be childhood friends. The train left the station and At one point a girl found a pass was left at a seat, she throw it out of the car in time for the doors close.
The girl left at komono

Commuting hours, a lot of students

Mt. Gozaisho hiking

I stepped out from the station hoping to catch

Welcome to Yunoyama Onsen

No ropeway service

Ropeway station

I stepped outside of the station and found that there is no bus availabel for a while. I guess I have to take a taxi. So I took a taxi to the foot of the mountain, chatting with the driver, seeing mokey on the road, and I safely arrived at the bus stop 10 minutes later. The first thing I realized was there was a sign saying "Ropeway not operation due to inspection" My initial plan was to


I need to follow the sign

Another sign

Starting point of Center Trail

6 Gome 9:53am (900m)

7 Gome 10:07am (1,000m)

Shirine 11:07

Summit at 11:18am, as well as serving as the border between Mie and Shiga prefectures


My lunch at 11:18am, two rice balls, and a bottled water

A bus to train station at 1:42pm

Get on a bus going to train station at 1:44pm, it was a short smooth ride back, I

 Typical gift shop, located usually in front of train station.

Hot Spring, Coming back to Nagoya

Walked to the Green Hotel, which was about 10 minutes walk. It was hot and I get to sweaty, but I was already in full of sweat so I did not care. Paid 650 Yen for admission. They had several different hot baths I can try, I spent three of them, five minutes each. I get myself dried, shopped for Onsen Senbei and left the hotel at 2:45pm. Took me another 10 minutes back, but the walk was much easy because I felt a lot better because of the hot bath. Bought a ticket back to nagoya and hopped on a train leaving Yunoyama Onsen station at 3:00pm, and it arrived at 3:25pm. I did a mad dash to the transition to different platform in three minutes. I was able to get on a rapid train and was back in Nagoya at 4:04pm. I was a little hungry so I decided to try "Mega Potato" at McDonald's which people talk about. It took me about 15 minutes to finish. Swinging by at electric appliance store to meet with my friend for a while then then headed to a bus stop to come home. Getting on a bus leaving at 5:20pm and come home.

Megapotato 590Yen

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