2013 Japan Trip Mt. Rokko Hike


2013/6/12 Rokko Hiking and Coming Back to Nagoya

Checking out from the hotel

Woke up at 5:15am, I opened up the curtain while I was expecting a cloudy weather, and saw the sunny sky. The news reporting of 30C during the day. I cannot miss this chance.

Good moring. A view from the hotel My breakfast

I stepped out from the hotel and bought my breakfast and lunch for the day from nearby convenience store. Ate breakfast and took shower before I checked out from the hotel at 7:20am. Walking to a JR station under morning sun, got on a train leaving Hyogo at 7:27am, then changed to city subway at Sannomiya. After the train arrived to Shin-Kobe station at 7:48am, I get out from the train then began walking toward JR Shin-Kobe station. I found a coin locker I can use to keep my heavy belongings until I come back here for 300Yen. I left there at 8:00am.

Coin locker at Shin-Kobe Station

Rokko Mountain Hike

Walked to the north side of the Shin-Kobe station where has a road leading to mountain trail, pulled out my phone and called home to talk with my dad for a few minutes before I head out.

The trail will first lead me to Nunobiki waterfall, I began to walk on hilly trail to the fall. The mountain looks all green and the blue sky made me feel good. I stopped by at the fall at 8:20AM, turned around and went up a series of steps leading to the observation deck nearby. After seeing the Kobe downtown area, I then began walking to Gohonmatsu dam at 8:30AM, and took a path by the Nunobiki reservoir.

At Observation Deck

Nunobiki Waterfall

Gohonmatsu Dam and Nunobiki Reserve

After leaving the reserve, there is a trail leading toward Mt. Maya, swinging by at a tea shop by 8:40am and finally entered Tengumichi at 9:00am. Began

Entered the mountain trail at 9:00am, climbing up stairs

At 10:00am, the view cleared

Mt. Maya, stopped at the deck

Continue walking at 10:15am


View from Maya   View from Maya



  Sangoku Iwa, and Sangoku Ike



10:39 on the road

11:00am Sangoku Ike

11:05am Sangoku Iwa

11:23am Rokko Hotel

11:30am lunch at Memorial Park. I bought two rice balls and a boil egg in the morning.

Lunch, two rice balls, one boiled egg

12:31pm, on the last leg, climbing up stairs and finally reached the summit at 12:50pm. Took a break for 10 minutes before start heading back.

12:50pm At summit, 10 minutes break

1:47pm Rokko Terrace

Rokko Icecream and Rokko Cider

2:15pm Golf Club

2:30pm Rokko Cable Station

Rokko Bus in front of cable car station

Cablecar Station

2:40pm to 2:50pm, coming down

Getting on a cable car to the foot of the mountain


Coming Home

The cable car leaving at 2:40pm took me to the foot of the mountain,

14:40 train down to the foot of mountain.
14:57 leaving cable car station

Bus stop at 3:15pm at rokkomichi, many students


A bus going to JR Rokko Michi station

 Getting on a local train at JR Rokko Michi station at 15:23

Arrived at Sannomiya Station at 3:28pm, changed to subway so I can take Shinkansen back to Nagoya. The subway train reached to Shin-Kobe at 3:33pm, I walked up the stairs to the JR station, picked up my bags from the coin locker. Bought a ticket to Nagoya and got on Nozomi 134 leaving Shin-Kobe at 4:03pm. The train moved smoothly, stopping at Shin-Osaka, Kyoto then arriving at Nagoya at 5:11pm on time although they had a safety check due to passenger running to the door at the last minutes.

Nozomi 134 at Shin-Kobe station

Took a subway train from Nagoya leaving at 5:20pm, and come home. Had dinner with my brother's family in the evening.

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