Undergraduate Program

I do not keep much stuffs from the undergraduate program so I cannot describe it well.

AE 223 - Statics

(Description) This is one of the most fundamental engineering class. Things will get 100 time tougher in upper classes. If you don't understand the materials in the class, you should change your major to something else, like, business. The materials covered in this class are, basic matrix operations, force, moment,

AE 227 - Engineering Digital Computing

(Description) Learn basic FORTRAN programming. At the time, we still used a VM (Virtual Machines) and DMI (Dot Matrix Impact) printer. Here is a PDF format of basic instruction I got. (I heard recent students had to use Visual FORTRAN and it was a nasty one)

AE 324 - Fundamental of Atmospheric Flight

Learns very basic idea of flight. If you are in AE major, you must take this class. This class is very interesting and helps you prepared in the field of study. Since I am a pilot, the knowledge here is very important too. The instructor, Dr. Rohksaz is also a great person to learn from.

AE 333 - Mechanics of Materials

(Description) This class covers material like extension, bending. I had an instructor who is very tough on

AE 373 - Dynamics

(Description) Advanced form Statics, this time the matter moves.

AE 415 - Introduction to Space Dynamics

One of the very hard class, because it is taught by Dr. Myose. Consistent homework and tough exams, His father was a NAVY officer, so he was loud, perfectionist. We get 5 points by finding a misspellings.

AE 660R - Matrix Method for Engineers

(Description) This is a supplemental class to learn matrix operations for 1 credit hour. At the time I took the class, Calculus 1, 2 and 3 also Differential Equation are the only classes required. Current students have to take 3 credit hours class. Sorry!

CHEM 111Q - General Chemistry

(Description) The professor was about to retire so he gave students such a hard time! There will be a lab class you need to take.

COMM 111 - Public Speaking

One of the class required to take at Wichita State. In this class you will learn how to The best speaker of the class will got to competition. (Winner will get guaranteed for automatic A without taking written final exam!) I talked about requiring to teach CPR in high school, introduced SCUBA.

ECE 282 - Circuits I

(Description) Learn about electric circuits. There will be a lab class. I already learned those stuffs in high school so I had no problem although I did not understand the English. Phew.

ECON 201Q - Macro Economics

(Description) One of business class I decided to take this class because I am interested.

ECON 202Q - Micro Economics

(Description) Another business class I was taking with my friend. Not like the Macro Economics, this covers domestic matter. I think learning about economics from professor is a bit tough, since he has a bit

ENGL 015 - Basic Skill ESL 2

(Description) I could not take English Composition for the first time, so this is the class I was sitting for a semester before going to the ENGL 100. There are more pre English Composition classes and I think this is the highest. I think I had to take a exit exam to pass. Requiring grammar and composition?

ENGL 100 - English Composition

(Description) This class is equivalent of ENGL101 but designed for international students. The class has lots of reading and writing. You have to be ready if you are not good at English.

ENGL 102 - College English 2

(Description) Lots of reading and writing. I hated it. I was not happy when instructor assigns homework require reading of more than 100 pages over night. The paper assignments will be graded tougher so I needed to go to Writing Center (Where I can get. I remember I

ENGR 310 - Seminar in Engineering

(Description) You will get to hear stories form engineers who are currently working at some companies. Later changed its name to Engineering Ethics, then finally moved to Philosophy. After each speech, we turn in a small survey.

GEOL 302Q - Earth Space Science

The first and only Tele Course I took. I just watched TV program on every Saturday, showing up at evening class once a week. We had a day with very bad weather and I hoped the class to be canceled but did not.

GERM 111 - Elementary German

(Description) Learning English in English language is tough, but learning other language in English is tougher. I hoped I learned Spanish instead.

IEN 150K - Pre CATIA

(Description) I took this class because I was interested. Cost me $1,000 for one credit hour, and I still had to pay for workshop fee, which was about $100. Learned how to use CATIA V4

IEN 222 - Engineering Graphics

(Description) Learn how to draft (Which I have far advanced skill due to the education in technical high school) and little bit of AutoCAD.

IEN 250A - CATIA 3-D Wire Frame

(Description) After taking IEN150K, this is one of the class you can take. Learn how to make wire frame model

IEN 250D - CATIA 3-D Solid Design

(Description) This is another kind of CATIA class which I took. This

IEN 255 - Engineering Economy

(Description) Teaches engineer how to count money.

KSS 106V - River Run Training

(Description) If you want to run but don't know how, this is the class you should take. You will get to train for the River Run, which is 10k (6.2 miles).

MATH 242Q - Calculus I

(Description) The very first class I took in the college. It was so hard to understand what the instructor was saying I missed so many important items out of it. (I ended up suffering in Calc II)

MATH 243Q - Calculus II

(Description) Some says this is harder than Calc III, and I agree. I suffered a lot from Dr. Wang, who hates to see students getting 100%. In fact, there is no known student who got 100% in all of the exams yet. (And he died before someone ever done it.) The other instructor, Dr. Zin was easier.

MATH 344 - Calculus III

(Description) This was okay class. I understood better than other Calculus classes.

MATH 555 - Differential Equation

(Description) One of the nasty subject I struggled a lot.

ME 250 - Materials Engineering

(Description) This class is to learn how each different material behaves. I worked with classmates to come up with a new kinds of brake system for drag car.

ME 251 - Materials Engineering Laboratories

(Description) This is one of the painful class. Some of the experiments could not be conducted because the department did not have enough money to fix.

ME 339 - Design of Machinery

(Description) Three-bar mechanism? This class to learn how to apply mathematical formulas to determining the movement of each parts.

ME 360A - Computer Applications

(Description) Learn how to work on C and Java. You will learn the fact that the PC can know if you are scared of computers. If you are not comfortable, the code will not run on you.

ME 398 - Thermodynamics I

(Description) Learn how to determine the energy and state of the gas and other stuff. Combustion unit, like gasoline and diesel engine.

ME 439 - Mechanical Engineering Design I

(Description) I worked with my classmates to design a

ME 450N - Mechanical Engineering Lab

(Description) A new experimental class, to work on experimental programs.

ME 481P - Co-op Education

(Description) You can work up to 20 hour/week during the regular semester or 40hour/week at off campus by using this option. The workplace must be related to your field of study. There is not much thing to do with this class, but you have to fill out some papers.

ME 502 - Thermodynamics II

(Description) More advanced than Thermo I, this one also covers heat regeneration.

ME 503 - Mechanical Engineering Systems


ME 521 - Fluid Mechanics

(Description) Learns about how the fluid, like air, oil and water behaves.

ME 522 - Heat Transfer

(Description) Learns how to determine the flow of the heat, amount and velocity for simple cases.

ME 637 - Computer Aided Engineering

(Description) Learn how to use Pro Engineer. The program

ME 639 - Finite Element Analysis in Mechanical Systems

(Description) Learn how to use ANSYS

ME 659 - Mechanical Control

(Description) Learn simple control system. Converging, Diverging and other stuffs.

ME 662 - Mechanical Engineering Practice

(Description) This is the last class you have to do to finish your bachelor's degree. You will only meet once in a week, but you have to work on

ME 666 - Material Manufacturing Process

(Description) Learn about material and how the manufacturing techniques can affect the result of the product.

ME 750I - Advanced HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) Design

(Description) Students will learn how to set up air conditioning system in

MUSC 162G - World Music

(Description) I took this class just for fun with my friend. It is very interesting but there are so many music instruments

PE 306 - Water Safety/ WSI training

(Description) This class will let you become an American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor. Basic swimming is required to take this class, but waived in my case since I am a good swimmer and my Instructor already knew about it. You have to pass two tests, ICT and WSI. ICT is Instructor Candidate Test and required for people who wants to be an instructor. WSI test is to become certified. This will take up whole semester, but you can have this one done in one week if you take it from ACAS offered by the American Red Cross in June-July every year but will be VERY tough. You will

PE 750V - Lifeguarding

(Description) Students in this class will get trained to become an American Red Cross certified lifeguard. This class is the beginning of how I started to earn money. When I took this class, requirements are tougher than current one. I did not know how to swim sidestroke so I had to take a private lessons to learn how. Sucks to be a Japanese. I also had a hard time

PE 750X - Lifeguard Instructor

(Description) After completing the Lifeguarding class and get some experiment, you can take this class to become an instructor to train lifeguards. I have been helping the American Red Cross since 2002 every summer to train teenagers (sometimes not) to become one. I had to have a really good English communication skills since I have to cover some medical terms and

PHIL 125Q - Introductory Logic

(Description) One of mind twisting class. You don't want to argue with your instructor though... I don't recall what I did in the class but was quite tough.

PHYS 313Q - University Physics I

(Description) Took this class from Dr. Foster, now retired but you will get four problems every time, and the class is holding four days a week. The class was held at dark, big, quite room. I have seen many people fall sleep. Be cautioned, once you fall sleep, you are in big trouble.

PHYS 314Q - University Physics II

(Description) Another time taking a class form Dr. Foster, as usual, three or four problems each time, the room is usually dark, and I see people fall sleep all the time.

PHYS 315Q - University Physics I Laboratories

(Description) Tiresome class. People hate it. You will be doing some

SOC 111Q - Introduction to Sociology

(Description) Dr. Ron Matson, a very famous instructor here at Wichita State. He needs a big room holds 300 students to give a lecture since he is so good. Multiple choice exams, Best 3 out of 4. Meaning that you can skip final if you wish to?

SOC 316 - The American Male

(Description) Another class taught by Dr. Ron Matson. Learns about traditional American Male. This is more detailed so you will have to understand what is the typical American Male. Just let you know the definition of the male in Japanese will not work so I felt some cultural gap.

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